(Last Updated On: June 15, 2016)

Carol Saade

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Once the snow is melted and the sun is shining, it’s time to pull a Yogi Bear and bust out the pic-i-nic basket. There are countless places to picnic in Breckenridge, many easily accessible for families, others require an adventurous spirit to reach. Here are some of our favorite peaceful, romantic, fun and picturesque spots, as well as some straight up “mack daddy” areas:


Let’s face it. Eating with kids can be a bit wild. So, why not let them run wild while you enjoy some downtime on the picnic blanket or bench? There are a few great spots in Breck where you can sit down to enjoy some food while letting the do their thing.IMG_0976

  • The Blue River Plaza is always bustling in the summer. Often there are exhibits or art installations and sculptures hosted by Breck Create and there’s a playground in the plaza for the kids to explore. Bring a ball or frisbee to play on the lawn across the river at the Riverwalk Center and stick your feet in the river to cool off. Enjoy your picnic on the lawn, the rocks by the river or on the picnic tables in the plaza.
  • For a kid-friendly picnic/hike, park at the Breckenridge Recreation Center and take the kids along the River Trail, which runs from the recreation center to Coyne Valley Road. There are few grassy spots along the trail and picnic benches closer to the recreation center. The kids can keep playing by the water while you relax.
  • Prospector Park, located towards the north end of town hosts a fun playground with historical statues and picnic tables.

Couples / Romantic Spots

  • If this isn’t a first date and your heart isn’t racing with butterflies, a climb up the Carter Park stairs will get that heart pounding. A short (but very steep) climb will take you away from the crowds to a secluded bench with a beautiful view of the town and the ski resort. Take a simple picnic with you (of course wine too!) and watch the clouds turn beautiful colors as the sun sets behind the ski resort.20141129_165452 (1)
  • Another romantic area with majestic views is a short drive up Boreas Pass Road, an old rail line. Take a leisurely drive with your loved one to the top of the approximately 6-mile dirt road or pull over on one of the many spots on the way. Bring a blanket and a bottle of wine to relax and enjoy the views of Blue River, Goose Pasture Tarn (a small mountain lake) and the Tenmile Range

Adventurous Spots

Breckenridge has endless options for adventure picnic spots. On almost every trail you can find a nice rock or overlook to stop and enjoy some snacks. Throw a sandwich and some picnic supplies on any lunch time hike or bike ride.

  • Mohawk Lakes, about a 6.5 mile hike round trip, is a beautiful hike to some high alpine lakes. When you make it to Upper Mohawk Lake reward yourself with a picnic.
  • Another classic Breck hike is McCullough Gulch, at just over a mile you get to a series of cascading waterfalls, find a good rock to post up by and picnic.
  • Mt.Baldy is a great place to eat amongst the wildflowers.

“Mack Daddy” Spots

  • For a nontraditional picnic, grab that picnic basket or a to-go order from anywhere in town and bring it to Broken Compass Brewing Company, where you can enjoy your food accompanied by some of their delicious brews. Or better yet, as bartender Ali Nikita likes to say “BYOM (bring your own meat).” And then fire it up. They have gas grills on their outdoor patio.
  • Après, located in the center or town is another perfect spot to bring your takeout or potluck dinner where the brews are already there. With dozens of beers on tap, something will be sure to complement your meal.

Picnic Supplies

Here are a few options of places in town to gather your supplies and to help you prep for the perfect pic-i-nic. Just a friendly reminder to not feed the bears or any other wildlife and to clean up after yourself. Bon Appetit!

  • Breck Wine and Cheese / 304 South Main St
    • Pick up a nice bottle of wine with artisanal cheese and fresh bread.
  • Breckenridge Market and Liquor / 311 South Ridge St
    • A grocery store just one block from Main Street chock full of picnic options like pre-made sandwiches and snackable items.
  • The Cheese Shop of Breckenridge / 505 South Main Street
    • A delicious selection of cheeses, chocolates, and cured meats perfect for a European-style picnic.
  • City Market / 400 North Parkway
    • The largest grocery store in town for all your picnic needs.
  • Duggan’s Deli / 111 Ski Hill Road
    • Grab a fresh sandwich to go. These are the perfect fuel for a hike-to picnic.
  • La Francaise French Bakery / 411 South Main Street
    • Pick up a fresh baguette for your sandwiches and a pastry for dessert.
  • The Local Market / 116 North Main Street
    • A small market with local produce and goods, and a small selection of ready-made food.
  • Stella’s Hungry Horse / 327 North Main Street
    • Grab a burger or sandwich to go.