(Last Updated On: April 21, 2016)

You know you’re a local when you call Breckenridge, Breck. Here are a few other ways to know if you’re truly a Breck local.

1. You actually know how to ride a T-Bar


2. Then enjoy a drink at one.

Après Ski Deliciousness #breckbecause #tbar #brecklife #shocktop #brewski

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3. Wearing Viking hats and honoring a Norse God are just something you do every year in January

Riding @breckenridgemtn with one of my favorite dudes…#Ullr #breckbecause #breckenridge #brecklife #openingday

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4. So is biking across a lake on a 3-inch-wide piece of wood in summer

mike schilling. perfect form. schoolin' it at the pond crossing. #bikeshenanigans #breckbecause

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5. That you truly live in a Kingdom




6. Where biking is taken to a whole new level. Oui?




7. Where flowers bloom year round

My favorite snow sculpture! #breckbecause #talent #wow #nofilter #amazing #breckenridge #colorado #cold

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8. Where your Cuppa overflows with artwork


9. Where Breck’s “everyday Joe,” waiter and accountant are more badass than you will ever be. But, you can always test your mettle at events like the Breck Epic and Imperial Challenge

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1o.  And – no matter what – you know how lucky you are to call this place home sweet home.

Winter is here and it's time to ski in Breck. #breckbecause #picoftheday #winter #snow #skiing #powder

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