Alpine Ski Instructor Fred Zapp gives an overview of expert terrain. A special thanks to Breckenridge Ski Resort for on-mountain ski footage.

You’re standing on the top of a mountain. The air is crisp, with a subtle breeze that embraces your face. All you see is blue and white: bluebird skies above you and pristine white, silky snow below you. A bird soars through the skies, circling to see your next move. You look around at the beauty and serenity of being above tree line, as you inch towards the edge of the cornice, testing the snow beneath you. It’s perfect – not too firm, not too soft. You flex your knees as you contemplate the moment you will launch down the mountain and you anticipate the soft, supple landing as the phone on your desk rings. WAIT. REWIND. The phone on your desk rings???

Uhm, you’re not on the top of the mountain, you’re at work? Bummer. Your office isn’t in Summit County? Major Bummer. But you’re daydreaming of this, aren’t you? Luck must be with you, as there are still five more weeks of ski season at Breckenridge Ski Resort, and you have vacation days that are calling, dare I say shouting, your name. And is that a slight sniffle I hear that could warrant the use of your sick days? I mean, its not called “Spring Fever” for no reason, right?

Located to the skiers right of Horseshoe Bowl, Contest Bowl offers a few quick turns in steep terrain.

Located to the skier’s right of Horseshoe Bowl, Contest Bowl offers a few quick turns in steep terrain.

While you contemplate, here are 5 trails for expert skiing and riding that will make your dreams turn into reality:

  • Horseshoe Bowl – Peak 8: When friends ask if you’re skiing “the Bowl”, typically they mean Horseshoe Bowl, which remains a timeless favorite. Horseshoe can be accessed via the T-Bar or a traverse in from the top of 6 Chair. With wide-open expanses of snow, there is a line for everyone.
  • Imperial Bowl – Peak 8: Imperial Bowl provides some of the finest terrain and views for both expert and extreme skiing and riding. Those that like traditional bowl skiing will enjoy coming down the middle of the bowl. Those looking for more adventure can take the hike from the top of the Imperial Express Chair and try their skills down one of the Lake Chutes.
  • Whale’s Tail – Peak 8: Whales Tail offers stunning views of, well, just about everywhere. Also accessed from the Imperial Express Chair, the highest lift in North America. Simply take approximately 10 steps uphill to your left and traverse through the gate. At the top, take a moment to enjoy the views before dropping in over the cornice.
  • Inferno – Peak 9: A favorite of locals, Inferno is just plain fun for bump skiing. Accessed via E-Chair, follow the signs past Tom’s Baby to the entrance of Inferno. Pick your line and light the snow on fire!
  • Beyond Bowl & Serenity Bowl – Peak 6: Those that like adventure have multiple hike-to terrain choices with the opening of Peak 6. Exit the chair and hike up to your left for Serenity or to your right for Beyond. Or have the best of it and do both! You can also take the lazy hike and step just above the Patrol Hut to drop into Beyond Bowl with less than 20 steps of hiking.

To plan that last minute spring skication, check out the lodging options at Before you know it, you’ll turn your daydreams into reality. And that’s no dream.