(Last Updated On: June 1, 2015)

Renee Bartnick is one busy lady, keeping up with her young son and running an entire soap-making operation out of her home in Breckenridge. Inspired by her desire to only use organic and chemical-free products on her baby, she birthed the Breckenridge Soap Co. It has now been three and a half years, and locals and visitors alike have come to recognize the high quality of these amazing products made right here in Breckenridge.Breckenridge Soap Co.

Getting a firsthand glimpse into the world of soap making led me to believe that Renee is actually a chemist. The scientific nature of ensuring the exact proportion of ingredients, understanding how they all work together throughout the month-long soap creation process, and ensuring ingredients all reach specific temperatures before combining them caused me to flashback to my overwhelming semester in Chemistry.

Breckenridge Soap Co.

Breckenridge Soap Co.’s shaving bar set

It has been through much trial and error that all of the products the Breckenridge Soap Co. offers have been perfected. In addition to soap, Renee also creates bath salt, lip balm, lotion, salve and even a shaving bar.

The shaving bar set is one of the greatest gift ideas for men that I have seen in a long time! What makes this set so special is that Renee’s husband, Eddie, handcrafts each of the wooden boxes the shaving bar goes in. The set also includes a boar’s beard brush. Pleased customers have shared that the consistency of the soap lather, in combination with the brush bristles stimulating the skin, allows for a noticeably closer shave.

All of Renee’s products are carefully created with purely organic ingredients. To combat our often harsh climate, Renee recommends her salve ointment, which can be used for dry hands or as a lip balm — or applied anywhere else you need a little tender loving care (by torres). Ordering Renee’s soap is easy through the Breckenridge Soap Co. website or give Renee a call at (970) 485-3965. Bringing the Breckenridge Soap Co. into your life is a gift your body will thank you for!