(Last Updated On: December 7, 2017)
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Photo: Kelley Wren

Staying warm doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or comfort or look like Ralphie’s little brother from the movie, A Christmas Story. You can be just as stylish in winter as the other seasons, as long as you’re smart, savvy and wear the right materials.

Breckenridge is a great place to shop for the much-needed mountain layers. Whether it’s an early morning ski session or a night out on the town, Breck can provide you with all your layering needs and then some.

Let’s start with the basics.

Tip #1: No cotton

I have two words for you: no cotton! I know, cotton is “the fabric of life.” Trust me. The person who came up with that slogan must not have lived in the Rocky Mountains. Stay away from cotton if you’re trying to keep your body toasty. Instead, select wool, wool blends and acrylics.


(most important – keep your toes warm) Shop for socks made from the materials listed above at these stores on Main Street Breck: Columbia, Joy of Sox and SunLogic. Finding the right thickness, color and style provides you with socks for skiing and snowboarding, lounging in the house or peeked over high boots complimenting those leggings.

Photo: Kelley Wren

Photo: Kelley Wren

Base layers

Once again, steer clear of cotton. Search those tags for polyesters and of course, wool. These pieces will be form fitting and can either be worn under your ski pants, jeans or by themselves out on the town.  These base layers come in not just bottoms, but tops as well. They should always be worn as the first layer right against the skin. They will be moisture wicking, meaning they will keep you dry while you’re active, therefore keeping you warmer.  Finding your technical base layers is easy if you stop in Underground Snowboard Shop, Patagonia or Mountain Wave.

More layers

Now that our bottom layers have us toasty and our base layer for up top is on, it’s time to continue to add layers on your core. The more on your middle means the warmer everything else will be. Now here is where you can find your own preference and fit. Find a puffy vest with synthetic down at Mountain Outfitters on Ridge Street, or maybe you’d prefer a fleece coming from The North Face or Underground Snowboard Shop located right next to each other on Main Street.


Photo: Kelley Wren


If those other layers aren’t enough for the cold weather, Slope Style and Lumberyard can both help you discover jackets with thin to thick insulation. Again, like your socks, you can find your preference in thickness (jackets can be a simple shell to a fully insulated puffy), color and style. You can find waterproof ski or snowboard jackets to a Sherpa lined, water-resistant coated, street jacket for when happy hour gets late.

Other Accessories

  • Scarves or Neck Gaiters
  • Gloves or Mittens
  • Beanies (some can be found with fleece lining for extra warmth)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

And there you have it; you’re dressed up and styled out for all the events of a mountain town while staying warm. Get some boots with good tread and knitted mittens from Goods and you’re outfit is complete. Know that most of the shops mentioned above could have all of the layering pieces available in their stores and not limited to just one part. Explore the town, shops and find your local layering look.

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