(Last Updated On: June 1, 2015)
Town of Breckenridge

The weather is beautiful this time of year in our small mountain town of Breckenridge, CO, and by “this time of year,” I mean spring time… How do I know it”s spring time? I don”t. I am not a meteorologist, nor am I good at guessing the weather, but one thing I do know for sure is that I take people on some weird adventures, for weird reasons. On this particular adventure, I went looking for signs that spring is here. Here”s what I found.

Montgomery Reservoir, Breckenridge, CO

This was the most obvious sign that spring has sprung. Our adventure: Go to the Montgomery Mill, located just south of Breckenridge on Hwy. 9.

Mt. Lincoln from Montgomery Reservoir

This is Mt. Lincoln (14,000ft ). Locals ice climb here in the winter and hike here in the summer, and in the spring, it’s not uncommon to see people doing both… If you look past the vibrant green trees, you can see the light blue waterfalls frozen into the rocky landscape; these falls can be referred to as Montgomery Falls.

Montgomery Falls, Breckenridge, CO

If you take a close look, you can see ice climbers in mid ascent.

Ice Melt

Speaking of ice…

Signs of Spring

It seems that melting ice is common this time online pokies of year.

The Montgomery Mill, Breckenridge, CO

Although the sunshine was bright, and the views were mesmerizing, it wasn’t hard to tell that spring done sprung. Trees looked greener, water looked warmer, birds were singing songs that even I knew, and the warm breeze carried with it the many different scents of emerging vegetation.

The Montgomery Mill

This is the Montgomery Mill. It’s located at the base of the falls. You can reach the mill by vehicle in the summer and by foot in the winter, but in the spring, it could be either. As you can tell, the mill is old… and there’s no amount of spring that can fix that, but it sure looks pretty.

Signs of Spring

After gazing at the Mill for what seemed like only seconds, I gently blinked my eyes for moisture, and then gazed again… My gazing led me nowhere, and by nowhere I mean somewhere, and by somewhere I mean here, to this radiant and sparkling oasis of “spring” water. Lucky for us, we had plenty of fresh bottled water in the car, so we only drank a few cups from here just to hold us over.

Signs of Spring

As our adventure neared it’s end I took one last photo, then stood motionless as I spent a moment reflecting on my experience. What a great way to spend a day, and I was convinced (by luis), not just that spring had sprung, but that drinking stagnant mountain water was unsafe.

Signs of Spring

The spring weather had finally convinced Ed … Convinced him that throwing a big rock onto the frozen puddle was going to be cool… And I agree. It was. My advice to those who love adventure: Be safe out there when searching for signs, and always tell someone where you’re going when you adventure by yourself, or with others.