(Last Updated On: October 9, 2014)

Getting into the wilderness is great, just make sure to know before you go.

Updated 6/12/13
No current fire restrictions in Summit County

Click  for a full list of fire resources in Breckenridge and beyond.


I’ll be the first to admit that my vacation budget isn’t very big, so camping on the weekends is a usual go-to in the summer months. While I grew up camping in manicured campground with accessible water and bathrooms, I’ve discovered I crave a bit more solitude and usually venture out into National Forest lands when it comes time to get back to nature.

All National Forest lands are open to camping unless otherwise posted, but you do have to be aware of where you are venturing into because the fire danger in Summit County and beyond can change throughout summer. It is oh-so important to “know before you go” when it comes to camping in the backcountry.

Breckenridge sits in the White River National Forest as part of the Dillon Ranger District, which is the place to call (970-468-5400) if you have any specific questions that can’t be answered by visiting their href=”http://www.dillonrangerdistrict.com” target=”_blank”>website .

Campfires should only be part of camping when it”s safe.

The most up-to-date information on fire bans and restrictions in Summit and neighboring counties can be found at the Colorado Office of Emergency Management website. This website is great, not only is it extremely informative, it’s constantly being updated. Campers should make it a habit to check this website before venturing out into the wilderness.

So be safe, have fun, and stay informed before you plan a campfire.

Local (Breckenridge and County) fire resources:

Colorado resources:

Any time of year, check out current images of Breckenridge on Facebook or via town and mountain webcams.

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