(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

So you’ve graduated from the beginner slopes and you’re confidently cruising down green and blue runs. You’ve done laps on the same blue trail over and over because you’re not sure where to venture, right? And…. you’d like some ideas for fun, new intermediate terrain? Never fear! Here are five intermediate level trails to check out at Breckenridge Ski Resort that are sure to make you go “Woo Hoo”! And the best part? You can ski four different peaks as you check them out – now that’s an all mountain experience!

Wire Patch – Peak 7: Wire’s Patch has fun natural features with lots of personality: rolling up and down personality, that is! To access Wire Patch take the Independence Super Chair from the base of Peak 7 and exit the chair to your right. Wire Patch is the first trail next to the chair.

Angel’s Rest – Peak 7: if wide open is your style, check out the spacious rolling undulations of Angel’s Rest that are sure to entertain you. To access Angel’s Rest, you also take the Independence Super Chair from the base of Peak 7 and exit the chair to your right. Follow the sign to Monte Cristo; Angel’s Rest is a fork on the skier’s right off of Monte Cristo.

Lehman – Peak 9: Lehman has the feel of a gentle natural half pipe, and you can swing up on the sides or play it safe and go straight down the middle. Cruise up the sides a bit and you’ll know why the locals have affectionately named it “Jump City”. To access Lehman, take the Mercury Super Chair and exit the chair to your left and you’ll be on Upper Lehman. You can take this trail all the way down until it turns into Lower Lehman and returns you to the bottom of the Quick Silver Super Chair.



Northstar provides options for intermediate skiers wanting a bit more challenge.


Northstar – Peak 8: For the more adventurous, Northstar combines the best of both worlds, with groomed terrain that often is bordered by gentle bumps (moguls) on the skier’s right. You can venture in and out of the bumps and back onto groomed terrain as you please. To access Northstar, take the Colorado Super Chair and exit the chair to the right. Ski along the Columbine, which is the cat track that takes you towards Peak 7 and the T-Bar. You’ll pass Duke’s Run and Northstar is the next trail.

Bliss – Peak 6: The name says it all, really. One of the best parts of the new Peak 6 terrain in the ability to ski a blue run above tree line at the top of a mountain. It’s simply blissful! To access Bliss, take the Kensho Super Chair and exit the chair to your left. You got it, you’re on Bliss, and you can then take Euphoria to Delirium…..now seriously, how cool does that run sound? Doesn’t everyone want to go from Bliss, to Euphoria, to Delirium?

So get your skis or board on and go out and explore. And remember, the best ski experiences are those where the terrain matches your ability. If you want to take your skiing to an even higher level, Breckenridge Ski and Ride School offers both group and private ski and snowboard lessons for all levels. The Ski & Ride School staff knows all the places to ski, and check out what they had to say about intermediate terrain in this short video. And we’ll see you out cruising down the mountain!

Jenise Jensen