(Last Updated On: June 1, 2015)

Let’s take a minute to be honest with ourselves; the snow isn’t anything to write home about this year. We were downright spoiled last year with more powder days than most of us could keep up with and now a lot of us are starting to stare up at the and wonder where all the snow is.

If you’re trying to entertain a family on a ski vacation the lack of snow can be especially painful. When the weather get too cold or windy it’s hard to justify rounding up the kids to take them down the same ski run they complained about over dinner last night. So why not shake things up and spend a day or two exploring your options off the hill.

Just because you decided to take a day off from skiing doesn’t mean you have to compromise your desire to keep things active, which is why heading over to the Stephen C West Ice Arena is a perfect choice for folks looking to ditch the snow for the day.

Been a while since you picked up some skates? Refresh your memory with a quick lesson from some of the rink’s top notch instructors and before you know if you’ll be skating circles around the rest of your friends.

Whether you are in town for a week or for a year, the ice arena offers public skating, pickup hockey games and clinics and a little thing called Broomball. Part hockey and part soccer, Broomball allows you to leave the skates at home as you slip and slide along the ice in your shoes.

To learn more about things happening at the Stephen C West Ice Arena, give them a call at (970)547-9974 or you can check them out online at www.townofbreckenridge.com

If you want to keep things more mountain-oriented then check out the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster located at the base of Peak 8. Only a handful of ski resorts in the country can brag about having their own rollercoaster and the one at Breckenridge Ski Resort boasts 2,500 feet of elevated fun.

The coaster is perfect for families with young kids who may be a bit too young to spend the whole day skiing or riding (by luis at dh online). Little ones ages 3-7 can ride the coaster with an adult and kids over 8-years-old can ride all by themselves as long as they meet the height requirement.

Imagine the looks you’ll get when you announce to the family that you’re taking them to a roller coaster in the middle of winter!

Kids and adults will love the fact that you can control your own speed on this coaster, so even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie you can enjoy a leisurely cruise through the trees above the ski runs.

Entrance to the coaster is at the base of Peak 8 right between the Rip’s Ride chairlift and the Kid’s Castle. There are tons of different ticket options whether you want to ride just once or all day long, so if you are interested in checking out the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster head over there between noon and 4p.m. this season.

By, AshleyD