(Last Updated On: October 8, 2014)
Breckenridge Golf Club

The Breckenridge Golf Course is set to open May 5th. Photo courtesy of the Breckenridge Golf Club / Bob Winsett

The news is sure sign of the changing season. A message passed on to Mother Nature to show we are ready to put winter behind us and focus on summer-time recreating. That’s right, the Breckenridge Golf Club announced it will be open for the season start this Saturday, May 5th, which marks the earliest the course has ever opened.

The course will initially open with 9-holes, with a promise to have another 9 holes by next Friday. Barring we don’t experience any freak snowstorms; all 27-holes on the award-winning course will be open for play by Memorial Day weekend.

Breckenridge has some serious bragging rights when it comes to golf, as it is the only municipality in the world (that’s right, I said world) to own a Jack Nicklaus designed 27-hole course.

But that’s not even the best part about teeing off at the Breckenridge. Given the course sits at an elevation of 9,324 feet, the golf ball flies farther and straighter due to less air resistance, which means you will be channeling your inner Bubba Watson in no time.

The Breckenridge Golf Club has also had its fair share of good press, just another reason to play this high alpine course. The Colorado Golfer noted the club as one of the best and toughest mountain course and, more recently, Golfweek rated Breckenridge as one of the “Top 50 Municipal Courses” in the nation.

Want to know another advantage to hitting up the Breckenridge Golf Club during the early season? The price is definitely

The Breckenridge Golf Club

Time to test the theory that a golf ball flies straighter at high elevations. Photo courtesy of the Breckenridge Golf Club/Bob Winsett

right.  Starting this week through May 18thearly season rates for 18-holes will be $42 walking and $21 for 9-holes walking.

Throughout the summer the course also offers numerous programs such as League Play, Ladies’ Night Out and Nine and Wine. If you’re feeling like your game needs some work, PGA instructors also conduct affordable group clinics and private lessons. The first clinic series will start June 4th.

The course attracts lots of folks from the Front Range who come up to the higher elevations in search of cooler summer temperatures and beautiful scenery, but it’s the local residents who get the ultimate deal.

Breckenridge offers local residents the ability to purchase discounted 5-play punch card for $265 or a 10-Play card for $420. There are different rates depending on where you live in Summit County and pass cards may be purchased online or at the golf course.  Visit them online here or call the club at (970)453-9104.