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Head south from Breckenridge, park at the Blue River Town Hall on the left side of Highway 9, and look across the street. The fall colors will be hard to miss.

With lots of great spots to see fall color in the Breckenridge area, you might be hard pressed to decide where to go. Don’t worry, we’re here to help, and give up the goods. Head south on Highway 9 to Blue River for one option. Another is Boreas Pass Road, where you can definitely get out of the car and stretch the legs, on Aspen Alley. French Creek Road, also called Reiling Road, is another good one, and then a great, from town hike, not pictured here, is the Southside Trail, to Little Mountain. You can either walk from Town, or park the car at the Steve, the local ice arena. Ask around, or pick up an awesome trail map at the Town of Breck info center in the middle of town. The Little Mountain trail has one of my personal favorite all time spots on it. A tucked away gem, set amongst the aspens, it gets incredible afternoon sun, and the yellow shades coming off the aspens really puts me in my happy place. See if you can find yours.

Driving up French Creek Rd is beautiful, but you really should go for an awesome hike on Minnie Mine, and X10U8, trails. Getting off the valley floor really gives you a wonderful above, and amongst, the aspens kind of feeling. Awesome! photo courtesy Courtney Kenady

Taking a right hand turn about 1/2 mile from the ice arena, off of Boreas Pass Rd. The old mining establishment of Wakefield is a prime place to not only see fall colors, but it’s also the bottom terminus of the famous Aspen Alley trail. And the Breck Heritage Alliance is also hard at work building a working historic sawmill, which is what really happened in Wakefield many years ago. Learn some fun history there. There’s also a great renovated log cabin. Great photos opps!

About 1.5 miles from the Boreas Pass trailhead, where the road turns to dirt, you’ll drive through an aspen tunnel. As the top of a small rise, the road turns to the left, with a parking pullout on the right. Park here and turn around for awesome views of Peaks 8, 9, and 10.

While there aren’t a ton of aspens in the immediate Baker’s Tank are, it’s a great place for lunch, and it’s right on the way to a bunch of good stuff.

As you make the wonderful drive up and over Boreas Pass Rd, there are many spots like this with pockets of gorgeous aspens. Once you get to Como, turn around and come back and you’ll be treated to an entire hillside of awesome color. Make a day of it, take a picnic lunch. Start early, it can get crowded on the weekends.

The famous Aspen Alley trail pictured here in it’s summer color. Don’t worry, it’s incredible. From Boreas Pass trailhead, hike up the road, and about 75 feet past the gate, the trail is on the right. Hike down less than 1/2 mile, and you’ll know it when you get to the best part. Total hike time from you car and back, maybe an hour is you’re slow.

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