(Last Updated On: April 29, 2016)

[UPDATE April 29, 2016]

Since the skatepark was finished in October of 2014, and the Grand Opening on June 13, 2015, the new Breckenridge Skatepark has had tens of thousands of visitors, skating and celebrating one of the best skateparks in the country. The Grand Opening event (see pictures below) brought together the local community to dedicate the big bowl to Chris Ferris, the late longtime supporter of the skateboard community in Breckenridge. The ribbon-cutting ceremony saw town officials, local skate kids and parents present the park to the community with emotion.

Later in the summer, the Chris Ferris Memorial Skateboard Contest saw the largest attendance in its ten-year history, while at the same time the town dedicated its new turf field next-door. If you visit the skatepark, you’re sure to see some amazing feats in its varied terrain. From the world-class street course, to the huge 10-foot-deep bowl and its assortment of smaller bowls and snake-run, skaters in the park have yet to reach their potential.


Community members witness the ribbon-cutting opening ceremony


In 1999, the Town of Breckenridge funded a then-rare project: a professionally-designed and built community skateboard park. The town had an earlier-built skatepark on the same site, but it was very dated, and the local community was calling for an upgrade. One of the premiere skatepark design and build companies, Team Pain, was contracted to create a skateboard bowl and surrounding concrete. It was only their third project in Colorado, and was ahead of its time in terms of creative design and terrain options available for skaters.

Fast-forward 15 years, and the Breckenridge Skatepark, while still in great shape, was a little bit dated, and lacking in terrain options for all skaters. This time, the now-larger skateboard community made a coordinated effort to form a task force, petition the Town Council, and secure funds for an upgrade – in the same location.

The entire skateboard park was demolished in summer of 2014, and a new one designed and built through community involvement and Team Pain, resulting in a hugely successful upgrade. Behold, one of the best skateboard parks in Colorado, and maybe the whole country!


Our signature skate element: a genuine historic ore cart.

The new skatepark contains terrain for skaters of all abilities and styles. There’s an extensive street-skating area, complete with a historic mining-era ore cart built into the skatepark, three pools from beginner to advanced, and some other unique features, including a backyard-pool replica and a snake-run.

The Town Council and officials were smart in asking for, and listening to, input from the local skateboarding community members, including kids growing up here, older skateboarder transplants, and parents. Both kids and adults spoke at Town Council meetings, spent time to gather ideas and input, and came together to deliver them to the town. The result was that the same skatepark builders from 15 years ago, Team Pain, won the bidding and the contract, and Breckenridge achieved a fantastic skatepark upgrade.

Local skaters try out the new features, with parents and community members looking on.

Local skaters try out the new features, with parents and community members looking on.

With the Grand Opening over and landscaping to complete the park well underway, skaters from surrounding communities, and even out-of-state visitors, are flocking to the park to get a taste of its excellent layout and unique skateboarding terrain. Visit the location at the north end of Breckenridge Recreation Center and Kingdom Park, located at 880 Airport Road in Breckenridge, to check out the local skaters ripping it up, or go skate it yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

Check out the gallery below for more pics of the Grand Opening event and the building process.