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Breckenridge Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all throughout the town, not a creature was stirring not even the ever ambitious powder hounds.

The lights and garland were strung around Breckenridge Main Street with care in hopes that soon the dearest friend of Ullr, St. Nick, would soon be there.

The children all dressed in their long johns head to toe, snuggled with heater blankets as visions of snow days and skiing, in their minds danced to and fro.

And Breckenridge Ski Resort glistening in the moonlight and Mayor Warner in his tooth fairy cap, had just settled in for a long winter nap.

When out on the Riverwalk there arose such a clatter, even the tiniest shop on Main Street awoke to see what was the matter.

Away from the Breckenridge Stables horses wild flew and fish broke through ice on our river blue.

The Bernese Mountain Dogs led the charge as all beloved pets, some small and many large, raced to town as they already knew the miraculous sight that would soon be true.

When what to our wondering eyes did appear, but an elk-drawn sleigh with them dressed up as reindeer!


Winter in Breck

With the strength of a lumberjack and the might of a snow plow, St. Nick appeared before us and gave a slight bow.

To all of the children, both young and old, greetings of hope he brought with him and so he told.

While the air was arctic frigid, there was not a single shiver, warmth and love were felt by all who came hither.

And true to form of our Red, White and Blue, sirens could be heard as they fast approached with the ambulance, police and even search and rescue.

“Merry Christmas to all!” St. Nick shouted in one swift leap, and the elk-drawn sleigh arose as they had a schedule to keep.

“To Lincoln”, “to South Park”, “to Wellington” and beyond, there was much to be delivered from then until dawn.

The dispatchers appeared to track his every gift-drop achieved, and there was a peace throughout the county that even made Sheriff Minor believe.

Together we come to celebrate and sing with Christmas cheer, now let this joy be shown throughout the entire year!



About The Author

Erin Opsahl is a busy wife & mother of two growing kiddos. Growing up in the California Bay Area, she is a true lover of the ocean, sunshine & flip flops! Marriage brought her out to Colorado twelve years ago and she has called Summit County home for the past nine. She often tells people she didn’t own a real coat or shoes until moving here! Being a new mom, in a mountain area that felt isolated, Erin realized her need for connection to other moms and the community. Out of this need, Erin found her passion! Combining her Psychology degree from the University of Colorado at Denver, with her love of connecting people and resources (& finding a bargain), she focuses on promoting networking, friendships, fun ideas and local resources to both strengthen and build personal relationships and families. Erin spends as much time as she can being Mommy and participating in fun family events around Summit County – on a budget. Erin believes an informed mom is a better mom!

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