(Last Updated On: October 8, 2014)
Even though Breckenridge is home to a world-class ski resort and we see thousands of visitors a year, at the heart we are a small town that appreciates locally owned and operated businesses. If you have ever held the hand of a small child walking down Breck’s main drag you probably felt a tug as soon as you pass Peak-A-Boo Toys at 117 S. Main Street. The store is filled to the brim with everything from building blocks, stuffed animals, board games, dolls, costumes and candy, plus a play area in the back where the little ones can crawl all over a giant octopus. Meet the owners, Jeff and Emily Boyd and hear how it all started!
How did you first arrive in Breckenridge and what made you want to make it home?
My wife Emily and I arrived in Breckenridge in 1989.  Growing up in Denver I had spent a lot of time in Breckenridge at the condo my folks had owned since the mid 60’s.  I had always dreamed about living in the high country and talked my then girlfriend into joining me.  Moving to Breckenridge felt like home to us right off the bat and although things were different

Peak-A-Boo Toys

Yay for summer! Peak-A-Boo carries all sort of stuff for gardening, bug finding and butterfly catching

back then, jobs, amenities, housing etc. we decided we wanted to make it work.

Why did you decide to open a toy store?
Pre-Toy Store days were initially filled with the usual random jobs accompanied by the struggles of inconsistent income and job satisfaction. Realizing our long term happiness would require something different we opened a coffee shop called Mountain Java on Ridge Street in 1992, now the home of Cuppa Joe.  We ran Mountain Java until 2001 and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  Through Mountain Java we met most of the people in town and became very connected to the community.  As our peers began to start families we were looking for new business opportunities and after a 2 year break from business ownership we decided to open Peak A Boo Toys.  At the time there was only one other small toy store in town which was planning on closing so the timing was perfect.
Did your children play a role in the creation of the store?
Our kids role in the creation of the toy store was the inspiration they offered.  They were our toy testers and our motivation to make this work.  We also thought that this would be a great business for the kids to grow up with, being able to relate to the products and the environment instead of owning a ski shop or other type of business.  They both still help us out.
Peak-A-Boo Toys

Finding the right stuffed animal takes time…. go ahead, squeeze them all

What makes Peak-A-Boo different from chain toy stores?

Being an independent toy store offers us the ability to bring in a wide variety of toys that you will not find at chain toy stores.  Although we do share a fair amount of offerings with larger stores we also have hundreds of items that you won’t find at big box stores. Our focus has always been on the more educational category of toys. The greatest advantage any independent business can offer is customer service.  All our employees have a deep knowledge of our products and can assist you in finding just the right toy for your situation.  We can make your shopping quick and easy, wrap it up and get you on your way to the birthday party in style.  Independent toy stores and other independent businesses also contribute to the well being of the local economy and create a sense of community, keeping our dollars in the county and enabling us to contribute to local charities and special events.
What’s your favorite part of owning a toy store in Breckenridge?
Our favorite part of owning a toy store in Breckenridge is the people.  Seeing all the kids and parents who live up here and watching them grow up brings a sense of community that would be hard to rival in a large city.  All the tourist from around the world that you meet brings perspective to the job and we feel very lucky to have a business that offers us this type of experience.  Just living up here in our wonderful little county is the biggest reward and we are thankful every day.
When you aren’t working in the store what do you and your family like to do for fun in town?
We have a wonderfully crazy life now that the kids are older.  Every second seems to be consumed by some type of outdoor

Peak-A-Boo Toys

Look kids! A giant octopus! Now go ahead and climb all over it

activity.  Our daughter is active with Nordic skiing, track, cross country and mountain biking in addition to piano and violin. Race and practice schedules keep her and us on our toes constantly.  Our son is into climbing, running, mountain biking and alpine ski racing as well as mountain unicycling, skateboarding and piano.  We all enjoy hiking, riding, camping and running together in our little oasis in the mountains.

Come see us at Peak A Boo toys, we would love to meet you.
 P.S. We have a huge selection of Bulk and Retro candy at our Candy Counter in the back of the store.