(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Blogger, writer, genealogist, family historian, wife, mother and dear friend: These are all accurate descriptions of a lady who has become close to my heart. Who is this amazing Breckenridge local? Her name is Jen Baldwin.

Jen’s passion for genealogy and her astute proficiency with social media quickly caught my attention last spring. Clearly leading the way of genealogy for the future, she has always been very willing to provide feedback and guidance for others looking to learn her tricks. Jen is the owner, genealogist and family historian at Ancestral Journeys, a genealogical research company located in Breckenridge.

Ancestral Journeys provides assistance with family history and genealogy anywhere in the Rocky Mountain region and west, to Grand Junction. Jen lovingly states that she is “telling the story of the Rockies, one person at a time.” As a hobby, Jen enjoys researching the genealogy of early Summit County settlers.

Jen Baldwin

Jen Baldwin ready for work at the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance.

Growing up in rural Washington, a love of the mountain lifestyle and the peace found in a small-town community brought her and her family up to Breck in June 2010. Jen stays busy running after her young daughter and spending time with her husband, but she still manages to find time to write for several online resources and magazines. You can learn more about Jen’s own history by visiting her blog, Ancestral Breezes. She is known as the “Breckenridge Genealogy Examiner” on Examiner.com, where Jen shares her journey through family history. She also contributes a monthly column to the digi-mag The In-Depth Genealogist. Her latest project has been the development and launch of Conference Keeper, which maintains an updated listing of all upcoming genealogy and family history related conferences around the world. Jen’s passion and dedication to her work never ceases to amaze me!

Her work as a historical tour guide and museum docent at the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance has increased her in-depth knowledge of our unique town. Dressing up in Victorian Era and Turn of the Century costumes, Jen enjoys taking locals and visitors alike back in time through Breckenridge’s rich history. One of her favorite tours is “Tombstone Tales at Twilight,” located at the Valley Brook Cemetery, where she shares stories (sometimes ghostly) of those that have passed before us. She has jokingly shared that she often feels more comfortable in a cemetery than in other public places.

So make a date with my friend Jen and your own family’s history and check out Ancestral Journeys!