(Last Updated On: March 2, 2015)

On most days you can find 82-year-old Trygve Berge skiing at Breckenridge but you won’t find him on the run named after him – Trygve’s Run. That’s because it’s a beginner run and was named when he was the ski school director at Breckenridge. People used to say “go meet on Trygve’s Run” for ski school lessons. And voila – that’s how the trail was named.

Hailing from Norway, Berge came to Breck 54 years ago and was one of the founders of Breckenridge Ski Resort. According to Berge, there were only 12 miles of trails and lift tickets were $4 that first season of Breckenridge (1961-1962). Back then, the Gold Pan Saloon was the only bar in town. Berge has been a local at the Gold Pan, the oldest operating bar west of the Mississippi, since then.

“There’s always something new happening when you go skiing,” says Berge. Look for Berge on the slopes and make sure to take a moment or two to thank him and the other Breck pioneers while you’re carving down Trygve’s Run on the slopes.