(Last Updated On: September 18, 2014)
Toilet Bowl Trees

Skiing at Breckenridge Resort… It’s the main reason why I moved here from Purgatory Resort in Durango, Colorado. The interesting part is that Breckenridge is so beautiful and expansive that people from around the world, much like myself, come here to live, or just spend some hard earned money and time. I can see why… It’s a product so-to-speak, and everyone has their opinion on it’s quality and value. As a ski instructor, I get to “test the product” often. Check this out.
Office Equipment

On a good day, or when the snow conditions invite, these fat skis are common tools used by the village folk. The more progressive technology has revolutionized skiing much like a typewriter in relation to a Computer. As you can tell, two of them put together is about the same size as one snowboard. Killer graphics are a plus. Ya dig?

Mike Roberts shows us...

This is Mike. Mike loves testing the product. This fellow instructor is also showing us his interpretation of "jumping off LuLu's rock." I call it the StarFish. With a sense of adventure, Mike does anything a crazy adrenaline -junkie skier would do...but, oddly, he's better known for his skills as a Snowboard Pro.

Julie Urbanic as herself

We skied right up next to Julie, a Ski Pro at Breck. She's a coworker, friend, and one of my many P.I.C.s (partners in crime) I choose to explore the mountains with; Her brown hair is natural and she’s one heck of a gal too, if you can catch her.

Mike wants to ski. Bad!

Like a dog waiting at the door before a walk... Mike's body language = Let's go already!

Breckenridge, CO

Off we went to test the product; Like explorers to the horizon. We tested the snow up high...

Breckenridge, CO (Toilet Bowl)

We tested the trees...

T-Bar trees...

We went up higher on the mountain...to test more of the product...

Breckenridge, CO (Contest Bowl)

We got a birds-eye-view of the product... while we were skiing in Contest Bowl on Peak 8

Breckenridge, CO (Mike in Flight)

The view dropping off the top floor

Breckenrdige, CO (T-Bar)

We skied the Were-once-Trees....

Breckenridge, CO (Contest Bowl)

We skied... And we skied... And as the day rolled on, the sun slowly rolled over the backside of Peak 8 while saying it's daily goodbye. Mike a I both knew what this meant...

Breckenridge, CO (Rocky Mountain lift)

We had both been looking in the wrong direction... We still had plenty of skiing to go. Honestly, it was our last run, and the sunset was great, but after thorough investigation of the product, my opinion was already in: Incredible! I'll take another please. I also learned throughout the day that your appreciation, or the lack thereof, for the current snow conditions, may just be a result of your viewing point.

Tyler (Breckenridge Patrol)

By the way, this is Tyler. He's a Ski Patrolman at Breckenridge Resort. This man can, and will save, your life. Love this man. Say hi to this man. Hug this man.

Breckenridge Ski Patrol

As we skied off away from the sunset, warmth on our backs, I overheard someone in the distance ask if they too could be as cool as Mike. In the heat of the moment, no pun intended, I turned and recommended that they first take a lesson before attempting to be like Mike, or as sure as a one legged duck swims in circles, they would be at risk of an injury. When in doubt, take a lesson. Look Before You Leap, I love Skiing, and Thank you for being there Tyler and team. Ski Tips - Coming Soon.