(Last Updated On: September 18, 2014)

One of the many things that truly sets Breckenridge apart from many other ski resorts is that Breckenridge is both home to a world-class ski resort and actually a home to the many residents that live here year-round.  Visitors to Breckenridge can experience all that “the mountain” offers in the way of skiing and riding during the day, and then enjoy the sights throughout town in the evening.  The Town boasts over 145 retail businesses, 42 ski and sport shops and almost 90 places to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee.  Add in the variety of parks and trails, a Recreation Center, an indoor Ice Arena, and the Riverwalk Center, and there is a lot to do in this mountain town.

Meet and greet with the men's downhill team

And with a little luck, visitors can even catch sight of their favorite athletes, including members of the US Snowboard and US Ski teams.  Many times they can be seen at Breckenridge Ski Resort, on the mountain or in the lift lines, for those that look closely.  But even better, there are a number of opportunities to see them up-close and personal, by simply visiting: the Breckenridge Recreation Center.

Shootin' hoops with the best skiers in the world

The Breckenridge Recreation Center is a 69,000 square foot recreation complex that has something for every member of the family.  From an aquatics area with an indoor water slide, to indoor tennis courts, to a gymnasium to shoot some hoops, to top-notch fitness and work out equipment, this is the place to visit.  So it only makes sense that the Recreation Center is the place for world class athletes to stay in shapewhile they are in town for training or competitions.  This season the Recreation Center has already hosted World Cup Ski and Snowboard teams from the United States, Canada, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, and Spain, to name a few.

From time to time, these athletes will make FREE public appearances at the Recreation Center.  This is a great opportunity to meet your favorite US Ski Team member, have a member of the US Snowboard team sign your helmet or just watch Bode Miller shoot some hoops in the gymnasium with Ted Ligety.

Members of the US Snowboard Team sign autographs for local kids


Recently members of the US Snowboard Team handed out free posters and signed autographs for the public.  Kelly Clark, Elena Hight, Ellery Hollingsworth, Matt Ladley and Greg Bretz were some of the athletes sharing smiles and signing autographs during the most recent public appearance.  Past appearances have included many World Cup and Olympic athletes, such as Ted Ligety, Marco Sullivan, Steve Nyman, Hannah Kearney, and Shannon Bahrke, along with their team mates.

Plan now to visit Breckenridge and take advantage of all the things the Town has to offer in addition to skiing and riding at Breckenridge Ski Resort.  Visit www.townofbreckenridge.com for more information on the Town, or www.gobreck.com for upcoming events and lodging options.

By, JeniseJ