(Last Updated On: September 20, 2014)

People around here get pretty excited when a new business comes to Breckenridge, and when rumors began swirling that the renovation of the historic O.K. Gaymon House was because it was being turned into a restaurant, the town started talking.

This past week, The Warming Hut welcomed a group of Summit County locals for a peek inside the new space at 207 North Main Street complete with a sampling of their menu.

The Warming Hut focuses on Colorado comfort food using locally sources ingredients like bison, lamb, dairy, micro-brews, wine and liquor. While the food is gourmet, the attitude is still classic Breckenridge: laid-back and comfortable.

The soft opening had a great turn out and there was no shortage of delicious menu items to keep your hands full as you mingled. As we made our way to the bar for a glass of wine we made sure to catch the eye of every server that headed our direction, prompting them to overload us with samples, which they graciously did with a smile.

As we strolled around the beautifully renovated home we munched on sweet potato biscuits, buffalo short ribs, bourbon braised pork, Cubano sandwiches and Colorado Sheppard’s pie. Not to mention a cheese plate bigger than my dining room table.

Even on opening night things are casual and relaxed at The Warming Hut

The best part is that The Warming Hut is open for both lunch and dinner, and given it’s close proximity to the gondola I have a feeling this place may soon become my new spot for après. Lunch menu items are within the $8-15 range and they even do a Hut Lunch Blue Plate Special where you can order a “3 side” plate for only $12.

The dinner menu items looked a bit more hearty and I can only imagine these would be the types of dishes most people crave after a long day playing on the mountain. Most options are within the $20 range and I loved looking at some of the side options like creamy cheddar cheese grits, leek bread pudding, and tater tots with fondue. Who doesn’t love tater tots?

The name of the new restaurant implies everything. Walking through the doors you immediately feel a little more at peace. The space is intimate and cozy, with a wide open interior that feels more like a home than anything else. The bar is bright and open, and if you opt for a seat in the lower dining room you have an open view to the kitchen and the action happening on the line.

The kitchen line at The Warming Hut

As with any new restaurant that comes to Breckenridge, curiosty about The Warming Hut will probably peak quickly so make sure to cover your bases and make a reservation before you head over there. To see a full menu or to read up on the history of the O.K. Gaymon House that was built in 1898 visit thewarminghutrestaurant.com

By, Ashley D