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Chris Brower colorado produce

Colorado produce from the Western Slope. Photo by Chris Brower

Indulgences are hard to resist while on vacation. It’s a time to reward yourself with cheese and crackers at apres, dessert on a weeknight or a glass of wine with lunch. I know I do all those things when I’m on vacation.

However, you don’t have to go home with a few extra pounds. Let the Breckenridge healthy lifestyle inspire your dining choices with these tips and recommendations.

I asked local Registered Dietitian Tricia Florio for advice.  She favors locally raised meats and produce, especially Colorado grass-fed beef which is much higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed animals. “Omega-3 acids are good for your heart and brain, and the quality of the meat is improved by humane animal husbandry,” she says.

Chris Brower delivers fresh Colorado produce to Breckenridge restaurants. “I go directly to the source and develop relationships. I bring in produce that we feel good about eating ourselves as a family.” Chris operates Uncle John’s Farm Stand at the Breckenridge Farmer’s Market every Sunday from June to September. And he delivers to the Breckenridge Brewery, Breckenridge Distillery, Hearthstone, Relish and Twist.

As you ponder the menu at any of these Breckenridge eateries, here are more healthy eating tips from Tricia Florio: drink plenty of water, order salad and load up on veggies. Practice portion control by splitting a main course or taking home leftovers for lunch or apres the next day.

Here are our picks for healthy options in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Breakfast and Lunch:

Amazing Grace: Hands down the favorite locals’ destination for conscious eating. “The Grace” serves healthy meals and house-made baked goods with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. 213 Lincoln Ave.

Breckenridge Market: Conveniently located deli and grocery. 311 S. Ridge Street

Park & Main

Park & Main: Leigh’s favorite is the Sweet Potato sandwich, a cornucopia of textures and tastes. Hold the mayo and make it vegan.

Park & Main: Local vegetarians love the Zucchini Parm sandwich. Chef/co-owner Todd Nelson strives for global flavor profiles that are not found elsewhere in town. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  500 S. Main St.

CB & Potts proudly lists their sources right on their menu. Chef Chavis Nissley cooks with hormone-free meats and local ingredients for the freshest taste. 231 S. Main St.

Flipside also sources their meats and produce locally. Chef Tyler Daley and his sous Mitch Slaughter take pride that 95 percent of their menu is scratch-made in-house, such as their veggie burger and tempura asparagus. They even have a dedicated gluten-free fryer. 320 S. Main St.


Breckenridge Distillery (opened 2016): Ingredients are sourced from regional farmers and ranchers who utilize spent grains from their whiskey production to raise heritage breeds. For even more flavor, the grill is fueled by oak staves from their whiskey barrels. 1925 Airport Rd.

Relish and Twist:  Chef/Owner Matt Fackler sources his ingredients for his two celebrated restaurants through direct deliveries from Uncle John’s Farm Stand. At Relish, the menu changes seasonally or even daily to adapt to the freshest Colorado-grown products.  At Twist, Chef offers a new take on classic comfort food. Relish:  137 S. Main St. Twist: 200 S. Ridge St.

CB & Potts GF Steak

CB & Potts’ menu has a gluten-free section with offerings like this steak and veggies.

Hearthstone: Long one of Breckenridge’s favorite fine dining experiences, Chef Michael Halpin’s menu reflects his passion for food that’s fresh, uncomplicated, and great tasting. Try the Colorado lamb or blackberry elk. 130 S. Ridge St.

Motherloaded Tavern: Everyone in your group will find something good to eat at Motherloaded, from salads and gluten-free items to fish and chips and burgers. There are healthy options for kids, too. According to manager Michelle Doza, “We offer the best and worst of Americana. Just because we have a fried Twinkie on the menu doesn’t mean you can’t find healthy options.”

There are so many great restaurants in Breckenridge, we couldn’t include them all. Apply Tricia Florio’s tips for healthy eating at any restaurant. “But you’re on holiday, don’t be too hard on yourself,” Florio cautions. “Make a commitment to eat healthy at home so you can indulge yourself a little on vacation.”

For more on gluten-free dining options in Breckenridge, see this article by my neighbor Erin Opsahl. And share your favorite healthy eating spots with us on social using the hashtag, #BreckBecause.


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Miners and hippies mixed in Breckenridge when Leigh Girvin arrived as a girl with her family in the early 1970’s. She grew up here and has seen Breckenridge blossom from a dusty town with wooden sidewalks to a world-ranked resort community with a burgeoning year-round renown. A long-time non-profit professional in Breckenridge and Summit County, Leigh has interests and background in the environment, education, land use and conservation, history, mining, and the arts. She serves on the Breckenridge Liquor and Marijuana Licensing Authority, and volunteers with Colorado Mountain College, Breckenridge Creative Arts, and the Summit Nordic Ski Club. Poking around the backcountry near Breckenridge is one of her favorite things to do, whether on foot, on skis, or on wheels. She lives in the incorporated boundaries of the Town of Breckenridge with her sweetheart, dog, two cats and a garden.

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