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Yes, we all ski. We all ride. Love the outdoors, fresh air, new snow, all that stuff. It’s great. But let’s get right down to it. Why do we really freeze our butts off, sitting on a windy chairlift, only to wipe out again? It’s all about the what comes next. The afterwards. Whether you call it après, happy hour, or lunch. We all just want to tell stories, get warm, and look cute in our new sweater/boot combo. We want to be movie stars and have some adult beverages.

Après on the deck overlooking the Breckenridge ski area can get silly at times. 80's unite!

Après on the deck overlooking the Breckenridge ski area can get silly at times. 80’s unite!

Some of my favorite Breckenridge hot spots are listed below. All of them are great for one reason or another, and a few knock it out of the park for multiple reasons. Maybe you’ll just have to hop around town and try a few out for yourself.

For Families

Let’s start with families. A number of my vocal readers mentioned a couple places.

Downstairs at Eric’s:
Between the great family oriented menus and crazy amount of video games and other ways to spend money, in the hallway, I know many folks who love this place. Yes, you’ll go through a roll of quarters, but that’s a cheap babysitter if you ask me.

Mi Casa:
Awesome margs, and tight seating in the bar area will make you warm up quick. Try and get the awesomely cozy, big corner booth. Squeeze you and 12 friends in there. Just don’t get pinned in the back if you have a small bladder.

The Breck Brewery is an old mainstay of the après crowd. Meet your friends and plan the next move.

The Breck Brewery is an old mainstay of the après crowd. Meet your friends and plan the next move.

The Breckenridge Brewery:
During the week, get 50% off apps and beer specials during Happy Hour. You’ll also get one of the busiest places in Breck. I love people-watching here. Also a great place to meet with lots of friends, and plan the evening attack from there.

Blue River Bistro also received a number of votes for families. Maybe because it’s a little quieter. They do have a great kids menu. And, they do two awesome Happy Hours everyday. 3-6 and 9-close. 2-for-1 apps and martinis. Did I say martini? Absolutely. Let the master bartenders whip you up a tasty drink, guaranteed to take the edge off.

During the Day

If you’re at the resort and it’s a beautiful sunny day, which we do get many of in Breck, depending on where you are, check out either the T-Bar (Peak 8 base) or the Copper Top (Peak 9 base). Both have lots of room, and big sunny decks. Go ahead, you’re on vacation, try that Bloody Mary. You owe it to yourself.

Go to Rita's for an always changing, and always awesome, rotation of quality beer. And tacos.

Go to Rita’s for an always changing, and always awesome, rotation of quality beer. And tacos.

Once you’re back in town, a few of my ultimate favorites and go-to places are Gold Pan Saloon, oldest operating bar west of the Mississippi, Rita’s and The Briar Rose. Rita’s has been known as a tequila and taco bar, for good reason. But they’ve also become a cult beer bar. Joe the bar manager has done an outstanding job bringing in ultra high quality and tasty micro brews. Constantly rotating (I mean constantly), you won’t find Coors Light on tap here. But you will find awesome, hard to find, and usually strong, beers from many different breweries. Great tacos can be had for 3 for $5 during Happy Hour. The downstairs location is always cozy. And possibly crowded.

The Briar Rose:
Go on Friday for Happy Hour. Get there early, like at 4 pm. It gets busy. Order the fries and meat and cheese platter. You’ll feel like you’re in some exclusive alpine hunting lodge. And be really happy because of it.

A couple awesome decks in town for Spring, or just nice days. Again, Breck gets a lot of them. Cecilia’s, Kenosha Steakhouse, and Burke and Rileys both have Happy Hour specials and both have insanely good views from their deck. Find out for yourself, but trust me.

Another cool place if you can squeeze in by the fireplace is the Crepes a la Cart on Main St. next to the Patagonia Store. While they don’t have drinks available, they do have hot and gooey crepes to make everyone happy. And when your teenage kids have warm chocolate and strawberry crepes, and they’re smiling, the outdoor fireplace makes for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. Get there.

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