(Last Updated On: December 29, 2014)

UPDATED: 10/27/14

Many of our visitors and locals alike live a gluten-free lifestyle. We’ve compiled a variety of options to keep you happy, healthy and satisfied as you enjoy your day around Breckenridge. As with all restaurants, make sure you call ahead for their current hours of operation as they may change throughout the seasons.

Gluten Free Breakfast

Amazing Grace Natural Eatery offers wheat and dairy-free options perfect for breakfast and lunch. They’ve got breakfast burritos that can be enjoyed with either corn tortillas or in a bowl and a wide sandwich selection made on Udi’s gluten-free bread. They are open 7 days a week from 7 am to 3 pm.  Located at 213 Lincoln Avenue. Give them a call at (970) 453-1445.

The Mug Shot Cafe has gluten-free options perfect for breakfast and lunch.

The Mug Shot Cafe

Blue Moose Restaurant has some great gluten-free options and is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 1 pm. Note to self – they only accept cash. Located at 540 S. Main Street. Call (970) 453-4859.

The Mug Shot Café offers gluten-free tortillas for their yummy breakfast burritos. They also have gluten-free bread options for whichever sandwich strikes your fancy. With names like the Prison Break, Behind Bars the The Sheriff – you can”t go wrong. Gluten-free muffins and cookies are ready to grab! As their name suggests, they are conveniently located across the street from the Justice Center (and the lovely Jail) at 435 N. Park Avenue. Call (970) 423-8821.

Gluten Free Lunch

Cool River Coffee House and Bakery offers up homemade gluten-free bread, which means you can order all or most sandwiches sans gluten. A rotating mix of gluten free soups are perfect following a chilly morning, and several salad options make a light summer lunch. The crustless quiche is ideal for brunch. Cool River is located at 325 S. Main St. (970) 453-1716.

Fatty’s Pizzeria has gluten-free pizzas and salads on their lunch and dinner menu. They are located at 106 Ridge St. Call (970) 453-9802.

Kenosha Steakhouse is open for lunch and dinner and always has a variety of gluten-free items. These item are marked with a “G” on their menu. Located at 301 S. Main St. Call (970) 453-7313.


Fatty”s Pizzeria has gluten-free pizzas & salads.

Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina has an amazing gluten-free  for lunch and dinner complete with appetizers, soups, salads, enchiladas, fajitas, house specialties and even dessert!  They are located at 600 South Park Avenue. Call (970) 453-2071.

Gluten Free Dinner

Giampietro Pasta and Pizzeria  has a great gluten-free menu that includes antipasta, entrees and dessert perfect for lunch or dinner. They are located at 100 N. Main Street #212. Call (970) 453-3838.

Hearthstone offers a whole mouth-watering gluten-free menu that includes starters, entrees, desserts and bard”s (gluten-free beer). Located at 130 S. Ridge Street. Call (970) 453-1148.

Mountain Flying Fish sushi bar and Asian kitchen offers many gluten-free items on their menu. They are located at 500 S. Main Street. Give them a call at (970) 453-1502.

Oscar’s of Breckenridge provides an “elevated taco experience” that is perfect for lunch or dinner.


Oscar’s of Breckenridge

They offer a choice of corn tortillas to go with a variety of meats and sides. Located in the historic Springmeyer building at 105 N. Main Street (enter through the side or back entrance or through Twin Moose Yogurt Company on Main Street). Give them a call at (970) 453-2167.

South Ridge Seafood Grill has a great menu and everything with a star next to it is available gluten-free. They are located at 215 S. Ridge St. Call (970) 547-0063.

On the Go

Locally owned and produced within Summit County, Bee Nut Free, LLC creates items free from milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and gluten/wheat. They have their gluten-free cookies, granola bars and trail mix conveniently located at three places in Breckenridge: The Local Market located at 116 N. Main Street, The Mug Shot Café and the Vertical Runner located at 301 N. Main Street.

Toosie’s Gluten-Free offers baking mixes (including: all purpose flour, bread, chocolate brownie, chocolate cake, muffin and pancake & waffle) and recipes that are available for purchase both on their website as well as at  The Local Market. Toosie’s also periodically runs gluten-free cooking classes at Colorado Mountain College.

Bee Nut Free Products

Locally owned and produced within Summit County, Bee Nut Free, LLC creates items free from milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and gluten/wheat.

Breckenridge Market & Liquor has a great selection of gluten-free items throughout their store. Easy to grab items on the go include Take and Ride sandwiches, Evol burritos, Wow brownies and cookies and Outrageous dessert breads. They are conveniently located right beside the Breckenridge Post Office at 311 S. Ridge. Give them a call at (970) 453-2398.

Our Breckenridge City Market offers a wide variety of items gluten-free as well. These items are specially marked with a “Gluten-Free” tag along the aisles. During a brief walk-through I found everything from cake mixes, peanut butter, frozen dinners, uncured beef corn dogs, fruit & nut bars, “fruit rope” for kids, cheddar cheese curds, various breads in the frozen food section and the deli section had meats and soups ready to grab.

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