(Last Updated On: January 12, 2015)

Holly Resignolo

Although I have lived in Colorado for more than 23 years I still yearn for New York Pizza. Growing up on Long Island there was an Italian restaurant on nearly every corner of each town and, in the city, you didn’t have to look far to find a delicious family-owned restaurant throwing pies.

Photo: MTN Town Magazine

Photo: MTN Town Magazine

Classic New York pizza is thin, really thin and so satisfying to my palate. When we first moved to the mountains the only pizza you could find was Pizza Hut, then Domino’s opened shop, then a few other mom-and-pop shops sprung up. It was unfortunate to have no other options on a cold lonely day when you were missing home a little. It was back in the mid 90s I believe that Giampietro DiMarchi rolled into Breckenridge and started turning out some of the best Italian food I have had since I visited my Nana’s house. Beautiful pasta and the thinnest, lightest pizza I had eaten in ages. Pure addiction!

In 2002 Ken and Todd Nelson purchased Giampietro’s and stayed true to the recipes DiMarchi used. To this day the pasta is delightful and the Pizza, you guessed it – The Best. Sweet tender dough, crisp and thin, with a savory tomato sauce and salty, buttery mozzerella cooked to perfection. Purchase by the slice or a whole pie. There is no small, medium or large. Just a delicious giant pie bubbling with flavor.

Photo: MTN Town Magazine

Photo: MTN Town Magazine

This is not a giant restaurant, it seats 35 -40 so be sure to get there early if it is a busy day in town. Classic salads, a lovely wine list, a ton of pasta selections and Calzones, in addition to pizza. Pizza that I officially award the Best Pizza in the West! New York… eat your heart out we have the best pizza, as well as the best place to live, Breck.

Giampietro Pasta & Pizzeria is located at 100 N Main St # 212  On the corner of SkiHill/E. Linclon and Main Street, Breckenridge CO 970-453-3838  http://www.giampietropizza.com

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