(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Have you ever stopped and really thought about what an enormous undertaking it is to put on an event like the Breckenridge Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships? Well take a moment. That halfpipe and slopestyle course didn’t just spring up out of the ground by itself at Breckenridge Ski Resort, ya know? There was snow making and snow moving, and then snow shaping and snow grooming that created those venues. And that’s after months and months of coordination and planning, by hundreds of people.

If you fast forward through all that, and that’s a lot to fast forward through – then what does it take on competition day? You might be amazed at all the logistics. From the operations crew that gets the athletes to the venue, to the electrical staff, to the film crews that let us glimpse into their world and feel like we’re there and part of the action, even if we’re not. Coming to Breckenridge and seeing the Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships in person is definitely the best way to experience the competition. But if you’re not here, this short video will give you a taste of what it takes to make the competition happen. So hop in the car and drive up tomorrow, or start planning to attend next year’s Dew Tour now, and you can see for yourself!

You can still get in on all the action and watch the Breckenridge Dew Tour iON Mountain Championships live at Breckenridge Ski Resort this weekend. Current information, schedule and lodging information is posted here. And make sure to check out NBC’s coverage that includes live streaming.