(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Team USA Wisconsin’s sketch of their sculpture titled, “Wanderer”

The United States has many contenders in this years 2014 Breckenridge International SnowSculpture Championships including team USA Wisconsin. For their first year in this competition team USA Wisconsin will be creating a snow sculpture of one of the most amazing creatures on earth, the Monarch Butterfly titled, Wanderer. The Monarch butterflies are wandering creatures of this planet who set off on an annual summer/autumn pilgrimage from Southern Canada to Mexico, making their travels one of nature’s longest voyages, and makes them one of the few insects that are capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. That’s not the only amazing trades that the Monarch Butterfly has, the trademark colors of their wings serve as warning to birds looking for a meal.  The Monarchs are poisonous to birds and mammals because of the chemical contained in milkweed that the Monarch larvae eat. Milkweed is found in various parts of the world (like Great Britain and even Australia) and causes them to migrate over vast distances, as well as eliminating travel fatigue.  It is always a great feeling to come across a Monarch Butterfly in the summer and autumn months, and we know team USA Wisconsin will do a great job in creating that good feeling for all who view their snow sculpture this winter! See team USA Wisconsin submission sketch below and check out the event live January 21 – 25, 2014. For daily photo updates and more check back to this blog or Facebook.com/GoBreck GoBreck.com About team USA Wisconsin Members include team captain Jeff Shawhan, Jeffrey Olson, James Malkowski, Gregory Brulla. Kick off to the International Snow Sculpture Championships 


Day 1: Team USA Wisconsin busy at work mapping out their next move in the first stage of this competition. Photo by: Carl Scofield

Day 2: Team Wisconsin puts up tarps to help shield the sun from their snow sculpture.   Photo by: Carl Scofield

Day 2: Team Wisconsin puts up tarps to help shield the sun from their snow sculpture.                   Photo by: Carl Scofield

Day 3: What an amazing photo of team Wisconsin under the beautiful blue sky here in Breckenridge Colorado. Photo by: Carl Scofield

Day 4: Nothing like a little music to keep you inspired and focused on the last full day of this event! Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 5: Team USA Wisconsin  adding the finishing touches to their sculpture on the last day of this event. Photo by: Carl Scofield

Congratulations to team USA Wisconsin on their 2014 3nd place snow sculpture, “Wanderer“!

Be sure to see all 15 snow sculptures now on display till February 2, 2014.