(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

This year team Russia is on board for Breckenridge’s International Snow Sculpture Championships. Team Russia will create an intricate sculpture of the Olympic Flame titled, Immortal spirit of Antiquity, antiquity meaning ancient times. As we know, Russia is hosting the 2014 Olympics and team Russia pays tribute to that through their sculpture of an Olympic Torch with winter athletes performing around it. The sculpture symbolizes the eternal, undying spirit of antiquity, ancient civilization, our ancestors and that the ancient spirit of the Olympic games will never die.

In ancient times many people would gather around a fire. The fire would warm them, it cooked their food, and it provided them with light and heat. No wonder the ancient Greek God Prometheus stole the fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to the people, thus sacrificing himself.

Traditionally, in ancient times the Olympic flame would be lit at the sporting events occurring in ancient Greece. Presently the flame appears as one of the most recognized symbols of the commencement of the Olympic Games.

It is ignited at the start of the games and burns continuously throughout. It ignites a flame in the hearts of all the people involved, both the competitors and spectators. It is a flame of joy, love and good will, arousing within all of us a competitive spirit. In this way the athletes can realize their full potential both physically and spiritually.

Now, just as in ancient time, the Olympic flame gathers around itself many people, from many different countries, which in turn allows us to connect amongst our various cultures.

The sculpture Immortal spirit of Antiquity, “Olympic Flame” is dedicated to all of the Olympic Games that have been, as well as those to come in 2014 in The Russian city of Sochi.


Team Russia’s sketch of their sculpture titled, “Immortal Spirit of Antiquity”

Check out team Russia’s submission drawing and make sure to check back during the event January 21 – 25 2014, to see team photos, updates, the winners and more! Facebook.com/GoBreck or GoBreck.com

About team Russia

Alex Sidorov is team Russia’s captain and other members include Shahnazar Shahnazarov, Yevgeniy Savchenko and Ilya Kernitskiy.

Team Russia has been competing in different types of competitions since 2009 including snow, ice, and wood. During that time, team Russia has placed in many competitions through out the Russian regional and international competitions where they brought home four 3rd place prizes, as well as two 1st place prizes.

Kick off to the International Snow Sculpture Championships


Day 1: First day at work and team Russia is already showing us some amazing detail in their snow sculpture. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 2: It is important to be very exact and precise when sculpting art to this magnitude as team Russia clearly demonstrates. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 3: As day three comes to an end team Russia takes a step back as they see their sculpture coming together.  Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 4: Team Russia artist taking a break after working out the inner details of their scow sculpture. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 5: Absolutely stunning sculpture by team Russia! It represents the Olympics very well. Photo by: Carl Scofield

Congratulations to all the teams for their participation in Breckenridge’s 2014 International Snow Sculpture Championships!

Be sure to see all 15 snow sculptures now on display till February 2, 2014.