(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Team Mexico is a well known returning team to Breckenridge’s International Snow Sculpture Championships and has undoubtedly become more skilled with every year of this event. Don’t underestimate this team from the sun, because they have surely proven themselves by winning first place in Breckenridge’s 2011 competition.

This year team Mexico is set to create Xiuhcoatl (The Fire Serpent); the serpent played an important role in Aztec religion. The sculpture has a blend of both realistic and mythical creatures. It exhibits the head of a serpent, short legs finishing in claws and curved snout. The end of the figure’s tail is formed by the conventional Mexican year symbol (triangle, lije the solar ray sign, and two entwined trapezes).Mexico-Pablo_Elias_Design_for_Review

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About Team Mexico

Team Captain Pablo Elias has been participating in Breckenridge snow sculpture event since 2007. Other team members include Josue Elias, Daniel Elias, Ariel Velazquez.  See what team Mexico did in 2013.