(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Team Iceland is back for more and are ready for this years Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championship with their sculpture  of two hands holding a heart.  Team Iceland is a returning team from last years competition; Click to see team Iceland’s 2013 snow sculpture.

Checkout team Iceland’s 2014 sketch below and make sure to check back to this blog or on Facebook.com/Gobreck. GoBreck.com during the event January 21-25 for team updates, photos, winners and more!BRECK_IDEA_2013

About Team Iceland

Team captain of Iceland is Halfdan Pedersen, other members include Sara Jonsdottir, Stefan Melsted, Johanna Fridrika and Helena Jonsdottir as Iceland’s team Representative. Halfdan studied filmmaking at Columbia Collage in Hollywood where he specialized in interior design, and building a large number of miniature models. Sara Jonsdottir is a producer and designer in advertising and enjoys different forms of artistic creation. She has worked with model drawing, snow sculpting, candle forming, clay molding and graphic design. Stefan Melsted is a chef and restaurateur; his work as a chef has brought him close to the world of sculpting materials like, ice, sugar, chocolate and has become interested in moving towards bigger challenges.  Johann Fridrika is also a chef with a passion for making things look beautiful. His love has been carving beautiful swans out of ice blocks with a new passion of changing ice into incredible shapes. Helena Jonsdottir (non sculptor) has a masters degree in psychology and is known as the feisty one in the group.