(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Repeating medalists, team Germany returns this year for the 2014 Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships. Team Germany is known for their clean use of lines and superb execution, which is clearly demonstrated in this year’s design, Apecheta-The Source where the flow begins. An Apacheta is a stone cairn: a small pile of rocks, built along trails to atone for one’s sins or served as trail markers for rugged mountain terrain. Apachetas are known best in Latin America to be built by Incas as they climbed the trail up the Andean mountain passes. However, they are also found around the globe in all major mountain areas. The idea of the formation of an Apacheta is having a traveller pick up a small stone and carry it for a short distance, then adding the stone to an existing Apacheta along the trail or starting a new one. Travelers would then say a prayer to the gods for luck and protection during their travels and the elimination of travel fatigue.

See team Germany’s submission sketch below and check out the event live January 21 – 25, 2014. For daily photo updates and more check back to this blog or Facebook.com/GoBreck  GoBreck.com.  Click here to see what team Germany did in 2013


Team Germany’s computer animation of their sculpture titled, “Apecheta- The source where the flow begins”

About team Germany

This year team Germany members include team captain Franziska Agrawal, Gabriela Kulenkampff, Markus Kosel and Elizabeth Thorp. Franziska Agrawal comes form an extensive line of design work and has studied design internationally. Their accomplished backgrounds include experience with a variety studies, awards, single and group exhibitions, sculpture symposium competitions, teaching and more!


Kick off to the International Snow Sculpture Championships 


Day 1: Team Germany displaying great team work skills as they measure for the perfect spot to start carving. Photo by: Carl Scofield

Day 2: Team Germany is known for their us of

Day: Team Germany is known for their clean use of lines, which is clearly demonstrated in this photo. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 3: Amazing photo and progression for team Germany as the sun begins to set on day three.  Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 4: It is absolutely incredible the strength and durability these snow sculptures have. Team Germany is able it sit on parts of their sculpture held up only by a small slab of snow.                           Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 5: Very Impressive! Team Germany never disappoints us and always shows up with some creativity. Photo by: Carl Scofield

Congratulations to team Germany on their 2014 2nd place and artist choice award snow sculpture, ” Apecheta-The Source where the flow begins“!

Be sure to see all 15 snow sculptures now on display till February 2, 2014