(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

This year team Finland is back again for the 2014 Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships! Team Finland will be creating their sculpture called Northern Sun, that represent solar phases in the northern hemisphere. The Sun appears in many ways during the year from almost vanishing to the horizon to shining throughout the summer. The focus is to play with decorated layers, light and shadows.


Team Finland’s animation of their sculpture titled, “Northern Sun”

See team Finland’s 2014 concept below and check back here during the event January 21 – 25, 2014 for team updates, photos, winners and more. Facebook.com/GoBreck GoBreck.com About team Finland This year team Finland members include captain Marianne Aittoniemi, Minna Elornta, Saila Hastrup, Heikki Ryynanen. Finland has been snow sculpting in international competitions since 2008 in Canada, United States, Italy and more! Kick off to the International Snow Sculpture Championships


Day 1: Team Finland wastes no time getting started as huge snow slabs slide off their snow block! Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 2: Head's up!  That's a huge 10 foot snow slab falling off to shape team Finland snow sculpture.

Day 2: Head’s up! Today team Finland works off snow slabs from the north side of their snow sculpture. With this sculpture, the north and south side  are very important because of the correlation the sculpture has with the sun. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 3: Team Finland is all smiles as the drill out details in their sculpture. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 4: Piece by piece team Finland is getting down to business. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 5: Making the final adjustments before the crowds roll in to view these masterpieces.           Photo by: Carl Scofield


Congratulations to all the teams for their participation in Breckenridge’s 2014 International Snow Sculpture Championships!

Be sure to see all 15 snow sculptures now on display till February 2, 2014.