(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)

Team Catalunya’s sketch of their sculpture titled, “Vestida de nit/ Dressed Night”

The 2nd place winner of last year’s competition is back again for Breckenridge’s International Snow Sculpture Championships. Team Catalunya is set to create their sculpture, Vestida de nit/Dressed Night which is based on a song called “Dressed Night” starring Silvia Perez Cruz, the daughter of the author, the letter of the mother and father’s music.  The song is framed in the Catalan called Havanera. This style of songs came from overseas when the Catalans went to Cuba. It’s a style of music rooted in the Costa Brava, northeast of Catalunya, as here many of the sailors came back and imported the songs.  The sculpture is reflecting the singer sitting and singing passages of the song. You can hear this beautiful song in the video at the bottom of this post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHCAgJbRkF8

Follow their progress during the competition January 21 – 25, 2014 where we will be posting to this blog post or on Facebook.com/Gobreck  GoBreck.com.   Read more about the event and see what team Catalunya did in 2013

About team Catalunya

Returning team captain Lluís Ribalta Coma-Cros and his team members include Kike Rocha Robinson, Martina Ribalta Coma-Cros and Mateu Marcet Blasi.  Team Catalunya has quite a history in snow sculptures and extensive, accomplished backgrounds, including experience with a variety of materials including wood, stone, ice and snow. These amazing artists have competed in these kinds of events in Canada, Russia, Finland, China, Spain, and Austria!

Kick off to the International Snow Sculpture Championships 

2014 ISSC

Day 1: Team Catalonia is off to a very proud and vibrant start in this year International Snow Sculpture Competition! Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 2: Attention to detail is essential to creating a perfectly sculpted masterpiece. Photo by Cal Scofield


Day 3: Cataonia is chiseling, scrapping and chopping. Beginning to see images emerge. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 4: Even shaving away the littlest bits of snow can make the biggest difference in appearance to the sculptures. Photo by: Carl Scofield


Day 5: Cleaning up the edges and getting ready for the judging to begin. Photo by: Carl Scofield

Congratulations to all the teams for their participation in Breckenridge’s 2014 International Snow Sculpture Championships!

Be sure to see all 15 snow sculptures now on display till February 2, 2014.