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Rut-roh!  I smell leather, suede leather. And German beer. And a little mustard stain. I know what that means. OKTOBERFEST!

I love Oktoberfest in Breckenridge! The smells are so good. Bratwurst roasting on the grill, creamy spaetzli, those smoked salmon sandwiches. And the lobster rolls – Rowf!

Oktoberfest in Breckenridge. Photo courtesy Best of Breckenridge

Lots of kids drop food on the ground, so plenty of good eatin’ for me. My tail is already wagging!

But wait a minute… maybe Breckenridge Oktoberfest on Main Street is not the best place for me?

Mom got mad at me last year when I got too close to that little boy eating the yummy looking hot dog.

And my feet get hot on the pavement.

And my people hardly pay any attention to me. They are having so much fun talking with their friends and drinking beer. My dad loves that special Oktoberfest Marzen beer that Paulaner brings every year. He always saves a little on his lederhosen.

I tried the beer once. Found a bratwurst bun soaked in beer under the picnic table. It wasn’t my taste so I threw it up later when we got home. Behind the couch.  Mom didn’t find it for days.

Oktoberfest in Breckenridge?  Do I want to go this year?  What’s that out the window?  ….SQUIRREL!

“Ridger,” I can hear my mom calling.  “Ridger,” I peek my head into her closet where she is pulling out that skirt that balloons open when she twirls and the low-cut white top.

Dancing at Oktoberfest

“Ridger, you are not going to Oktoberfest this year.”

Mmrumph.  I put on my sad face. Eyes slightly closed, head tilted down, pouty lip. It works every time.

“No,” she said.  “Dogs are not allowed this year. It’s a new rule.
“We don’t want you hanging out at the shop either. You can stay home with the cats.”

 Mmrumph. My face was sad, but my tail started wagging.  Maybe I am glad! Maybe I didn’t want to go to Oktoberfest anyway.

There are lots of nice people but sometimes they step on my feet. I don’t get to eat any of that scrumptious looking food. The kids get in trouble when they try to sneak food to me. Mom got mad at me last year about that hot dog.

I’ll have a nice quiet afternoon with the cats. Maybe they’ll knock some of their kibble onto the floor for me. And someone’s got to keep an eye out for that….. SQUIRREL!



About The Author

Miners and hippies mixed in Breckenridge when Leigh Girvin arrived as a girl with her family in the early 1970’s. She grew up here and has seen Breckenridge blossom from a dusty town with wooden sidewalks to a world-ranked resort community with a burgeoning year-round renown. A long-time non-profit professional in Breckenridge and Summit County, Leigh has interests and background in the environment, education, land use and conservation, history, mining, and the arts. She serves on the Breckenridge Liquor and Marijuana Licensing Authority, and volunteers with Colorado Mountain College, Breckenridge Creative Arts, and the Summit Nordic Ski Club. Poking around the backcountry near Breckenridge is one of her favorite things to do, whether on foot, on skis, or on wheels. She lives in the incorporated boundaries of the Town of Breckenridge with her sweetheart, dog, two cats and a garden.

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