(Last Updated On: October 9, 2014)
Deadliest Catch in Breckenridge June 3

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I’ll be honest; I’m always incredibly relieved when I meet a fellow Deadliest Catch fan. Sometimes I feel a little crazy because I became addicted to that show when it first premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2005…that’s right, over seven of obsession. When you meet a fellow fan you don’t feel as ridiculous when you’re able to recount the details of the latest episode, or give your opinion of every captain. Fellow fans get it.

When I found out that a group of captains would be coming to Breckenridge to film the show’s “After the Catch” episode (a recap show in which captains raise a glass and relive the last crab fishing season) I immediately knew that I would be planning that particular weekend all around getting an autograph. I must admit, my chances are looking good because on Sunday, June 3rd the cast and crew will take over Main Street for some classic Breckenridge fun starting a 5 o’clock.

In case you have been living under a rock, Deadliest Catch follows the on-board events of a collection of crab fishing boats operating out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Just like the name implies, Deadliest Catch makes you realize this job is no joke. It only takes a few episodes to acquaint yourself with the unique personalities that make up the list of captains and crew members, and from then on it’s all too easy to be hooked.

The captains slated to appear in Breckenridge for the “After the Catch” taping at the Whale’s Tail on Main Street include Sig

The cast of Deadliest Catch will be filming their “After the Catch” segment at the Whale’s Tail in Breckenridge… seems like an appropriate place

Hansen  of the Northwestern boat, Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand from the Time Bandit, Keith Colburn of the Wizard, “Wild” Bill Wichrowski of the Kodiak, just to name a few.

Breckenridge wouldn’t be content with just having the captains and film crew in town for the weekend to hang out, so the town has planned a few fun events to show the guys how we let loose up here at high altitude. We’re pretty proud of our Ullr Fest celebration up here and given captain Sig Hansen had some serious Nordic roots, the town will crown him and his wife the honorary king and queen of Ullr Fest 2013.

Also on June 3rd the captains will race their own Deadliest Catch creation in a mock outhouse race just like the one schedule to happen during Breckenridge Kingdom Days running June 16th and 17th. The captains will be going head-to-head against past outhouse race champions and I must say I am very curious to see how the captains handle the physical exertion coming from sea level to over 9,000 feet.

All the action will be happening on Main Street between Adams Avenue and Jefferson Street, so you want to make sure you arrive before 5 p.m. to get prime viewing.

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Now, time to find some bright orange waders so I can look the part and maybe even  get on the Discovery Channel.