(Last Updated On: October 7, 2014)


It started at 6 am with Gregg Moss and 9 News, cowbells and coffee, an early start for the Stage 5 USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Breckenridge. As the riders arrived in Breckenridge, the crowds went crazy showing their support for cyclist from all around the world.  At 10:50 sharp, the top 12 cyclist took front row followed by fellow teammates and 10 seconds later they were off with 2 laps around town, then facing the 10 mile climb up Hoosier Pass to 11,500 feet. With the summit behind them, the ride to Colorado Springs left it wide open for anyone. An Amazing turnout for racers and fans alike left Breckenridge full of excitement and thrill. With the racers head strong for gold, spectators took to the Riverwalk lawn for the RipStoke Mountain Bike Stunt Show, festival village and more.


Fans showed up at 6:00 for a live broadcast with Gregg Moss from 9 News, Costumes were encouraged and coffee and cowbells were essential!


As the teams arrived, fans could not wait to meet their favorite racers. Photo by Byron Swezy


A commemorative sculpture representing Breckenridge as a bike-friendly town. A replica for the Eiffel Tower, created out of recycled bike wheel frames.


A proud moment for racers and fans, with autographs and photos just before the race began. Photo by Byron Swezy


The top 12 cyclist front row take a moment with the National Guard, this just before their 117 mile ride to finish in Colorado Springs. Photo by Byron Swezy


And they're OFF!

After two laps around town, racers face a 10 mile up hill climb over Hoosier Pass to summit at 11,500 feet.


Fans lined the streets of Breckenridge, cheering on the racers on their final lap down Main Street Breckenridge, head strong toward the finish in Colorado Springs. Photo by Byron Swezy


Although the race was en route to Colorado Springs, there was no lack of post-show activities. The RipStoke Mountain Bike Stunt Show took over the Riverwalk lawn with bikers jumping from rock to rock.