(Last Updated On: October 9, 2014)

This year's winner "Great Expectations" by team Canada-Quebec

For avid skiers and riders, there’s nothing better than a dump of fresh pow-pow to bring a smile to their faces.  And why not, as Breckenridge Ski Resort currently has 30 of 31 lifts open, providing more access for snow-hungry powder hounds everywhere.  And as wonderful as that is, there’s an even more fabulous use of the white stuff going on now: the 22nd Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships presented by Cadillac.

This week there were 15 teams representing 11 countries in town to carve 20-ton blocks of snow into works of art.  The artists worked all week and the results were announced last weekend, with Team Canada-Quebec taking first place with ”Great Expectations”.  Following closely behind was Team Germany in second place with  “Dancing Screens” and Team Baltic (Latvia/Estonia) in third with “Discover the Edge of the World”.  Visitors to Breckenridge had a unique opportunity to watch the artists in action this week as they worked on their creations.

Team Baltic's creation titled “Discover the Edge of the World”

Now the fun begins for the public!  The sculptures are done and viewable for FREE both day and night.  Purists may prefer to walk amongst the sculptures during the day, with the natural beauty of the mountains and the sun shining down upon them.  However, for those wishing to visit an incredible and fantastical winter wonderland, visit the exhibit after nightfall.  For it is at night that the sculptures come alive, due to special effects lighting.  Alice may have visited Wonderland, but this is your chance to visit a true-life Winter Wonderland.

Plan now to visit Breckenridge in the next week.  The sculptures will remain upon display, weather permitting, until Sunday, February 5th.  One look at these beauties will convince you that skiing or riding on powder might actually be the second best use for snow!

By, JeniseJ

View the snow sculptures through February 5 at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge