(Last Updated On: October 26, 2015)
Christmas in Breckenridge

Christmas in Breckenridge

Travel can be stressful and the holidays can be even more stressful, so traveling for the holidays might seem a little overwhelming. Whether you’re worried about getting to the airport on time, coordinating activities between multiple family members, or about where you’re going to stay, a Christmas vacation can get complicated in a hurry. But with a little planning, you can avoid some of the worst stressors and enjoy your Christmas in Breckenridge. From juggling gifts to getting to town, here are five tips to make this holiday stress free.

Don’t try to bring ALL your gifts

You’ve finalized your hotel and booked your flights, but now that you’re packing your bags, you’re realizing just how much stuff you have to bring. From boots and jackets to bags of skis and snowboards, you’ve already got a couple of items to check per person. How are you going to bring all those Christmas gifts? Spare yourself the headache of trying to check even more suitcases (that might get lost halfway to Colorado) and consider shipping out some of your gifts. Even better, finish your Christmas shopping in Breckenridge; Main Street has numerous shops and boutiques that make it easy to find a last minute gift for everyone on your list. Best of all, your gift will be the perfect way for the recipient to remember Christmas in Breckenridge.

Reserve lift tickets and rentals in advance; make reservations for activities and restaurants

Skiing Breckenridge

Reserving lift tickets in advance means you’ll have more time on the slopes

Chances are, you’re planning to spend at least part of your Breckenridge vacation on the ski slopes. While you could spend your first day in town scrambling to get your lift tickets and rent skis, why not have everything waiting for you? Not only can you purchase your lift tickets and rental equipment in advance, you can also arrange to have your equipment dropped off at your condo so you can spend less time waiting in line and more time relaxing. Make reservations as far in advance as possible for activities and restaurants.

Skip the driving

Even if you’re a veteran when it comes to winter driving, the last way you want to spend your vacation is navigating icy roads in whiteout conditions. Leave the driving to the professionals. Airport shuttle services like Peak 1 Express will transport you from Denver International Airport to Breckenridge while you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Breckenridge Driving

Winter driving on Interstate 70 near Breckenridge

Once you’re in town, the local Breckenridge Freeride bus system can take you to the slopes or to Main Street for a day in town. Don’t want to take the bus? Numerous hotels are located in easy walking distance of downtown Breck and the lifts, and many offer shuttles around town for free.

Prepare for the altitude

Altitude sickness can ruins anyone’s holiday plans, so do what you can to prepare in advance. Schedule a mellow first day in town rather than trying to head straight to the ski slopes, and take it easy on the spiked egg nog – dehydration will amplify the effects of altitude whether it’s from exercise or alcohol. An additional precaution to consider is ordering portable oxygen which will quickly alleviate altitude sickness. Several local companies will provide door-to-door delivery, or you can make a trip to the local oxygen bar.

Plan at least one relaxing activity

Downtown Breckenridge

Downtown Breckenridge offers numerous relaxing activities

Breckenridge offers so many fun activities and attractions that it can be tempting to pack your entire vacation schedule, but you’ll only stress yourself out if you try to do too much. Make sure you schedule at least one activity that will relax you. Whether it’s a spa treatment, a multi-course dinner at one of Breck’s top restaurants, or an evening sleigh ride, choose something that will allow you to unwind and enjoy the holiday season.

No matter what you have planned for your Christmas in Breckenridge, these easy steps will help to make sure the holiday season is stress free.