(Last Updated On: February 9, 2015)

They came. They sculpted. And, you rocked your vote online.

We posted photos of each team’s work throughout the 65-hour International Snow Sculpture Championships right here and then asked you to vote for your favorites. You’ve crowned the Online Winners:

1st place: Team USA – Minnesota with 4 stars

2nd place: Team Lithuania with 3.7 stars

2nd place: Team Mexico with 3.7 stars

The overall winners of the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships were announced on Jan. 31 at the Riverwalk Center by the five-judge panel:

Overall 1st place: Team Lithuania won the judges’ first place in the 25th annual International Snow Sculpture Championships with The Wind of Eternal Change. The piece won for its depiction of Noah’s Ark “floating on clouds above a tremendous downpour that speaks poetically of our changing climate and times,” said judge coordinator Jenn Cram, speaking on behalf of the five-judge panel.

Overall 2nd placre: Germany-Agrawal won second/silver with Yantra, which Cram noted for its 360-degree interest: “The precision and execution created a piece that has tension and balance, casting shadows with a wide range of tones, from white to gray and blue.”

Overall 3rd place: USA-Minnesota won third/bronze with The Tempest. The sculpture showed a Mother Nature figure summoning the power of the eagle’s wings to create the tempest that knocked down large portions of the Boundary Waters in 1999. “Cradled in an elegant sweep of wings, the pensive figure suggests the calm eye of the tempest,” said Cram.

List of Teams

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Finished Snow Sculpture Gallery

Day 4 Recap

With 24 hours left, the teams are racing. The sculptures are really taking shape. Coffee is helping to fuel the race to the finish for the 16 teams. The Sculptures will be judged tomorrow and the champion will be announced tomorrow. But, you can help crown the Online Winner by voting right here starting tomorrow, Jan. 31.


Day 3 Recap

Welcome to Day three of the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships. Sixteen teams are battling it out to become the ultimate champion. Even though teams aren’t allowed to use power tools, they are allowed to create and craft their own hand tools. Find out how they create these stunning sculptures made entirely of Breckenridge snow. Visit www.SculptSnow.com for more information.


Day 2 Recap

The competition is heating up and so is the sun in Breck. Teams are adapting to the weather conditions by focusing on the shaded side of their snow blocks to “save the snow” on the sunnier areas. On Day 2, the sculptures are starting to take shape. Find out more about snow sculpture strategy, tools and challenges all week right here.


Day 1 Recap

The 25th International Snow Sculpture Championships started with a bang on Tuesday, Jan. 27. Sixteen teams from 10 countries began the 65-hour race to transform 12-foot-tall, 20-ton blocks of Breckenridge Ski Resort snow into works of art. We’ll be updating the race right here or visit SculptSnow.com for more information.




Online Voting Contest Rules: Judges will announce the champion on Jan. 31. The public may vote in person at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge for the People’s Choice Award. @GoBreck will also award an Online Champion right here. Guests may vote for their favorite sculptures and should rank each snow sculpture on a scale of  0 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest rating. They may only rank each sculpture once. The voting and rating will be open through Feb. 8. A winner will be announced at that point based on the number of ratings and online votes. If there are technical difficulties or you have questions, please contact: rzerowin@gobreck.com. Voters (that means you) do not receive any compensation or awards for voting. The Online Winning team does not receive any monetary prize but will be recognized by @GoBreck.