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Warm weather gets my brain ultra focused on doing one thing in the mountains: riding mountain bikes. I enjoy mountain bikes in many parts of the world with my roles as a freelance cycling photographer and journalist. But nothing makes me smile like coming home and riding my home trails in Breckenridge, Colo. I like to start from my driveway, and not many places can match the accessibility of Breck.

Here are some of my favorite trails to recommend to visitors when they ask about best or Top Three in the easiest and most difficult departments.


  1. River Trail. Start in downtown, head North (towards Frisco) and warm up for 1.4 miles on the bike path. The trail starts near a bridge crossing the Blue River, keep an eye open for signs. Either side of the river leads you past Colorado Mountain College. Turn on Coyne
    Singletrack that is perfect for any level of mountain biker. Photo by Daniel Dunn

    Singletrack that is perfect for any level of mountain biker. Photo by Daniel Dunn

    Valley Rd to access the other side of the Blue and return towards town. A very busy trail, keep an eye open for fly fisherman, hikers and of course, other cyclists.

  2. Lower Flume. Probably best ridden as an out and back, starting from the Recycling Center on French Creek (Reiling) Rd. If you’re feeling up to it, you can hit the (steep) climb just above the Recycling Center, or Mike’s Trail on other end, hooking up with Middle and Upper Flume trails to complete a loop.
  3. B & B Trail. Park a car (or ride from town) at the B & B Mines Trailhead on French Creek Rd. and ride up the road for approximately 1.2 miles to turn right for B & B, across the road from Reiling Dredge trailhead parking. Slightly downhill the entire way, with lots of double track and wide singletrack. Pass the historic Reiling Dredge. Amazing views of Breckenridge ski are along the trail. Option for more difficulty on Turk’s trail, hooking back up with B & B near the end.

Most Difficult

  1. Wheeler Pass. However you access it, either climbing straight up fire roads in the ski area, or singletrack on Burro -> Spruce Creek Rd. or trail -> Wheeler, you’re in for some climbing and pain. The elevation will hurt you, the weather changing at the drop of a hat will make you miserable. Descending isn’t any easier either. It’s an old hiking trail, all steep, off camber and rutted above treeline. Be prepared for an epic, but start early and reward yourself with a cold beer at the end.
  2. Colorado Trail, Middle Fork to Tiger Dredge Trailhead. Park a car at the Tiger Dredge Trailhead on Tiger Rd. and warm up for a few miles on the road. Don’t worry, you’ll do some climbing very soon and be swearing at your friend who talked you into this. Keep an eye open on left side of Middle Fork of Swan dirt road about two mile past Tiger Run snowmobile tours for signs for CO Trail, and prepare for
    B-Line takes it to the next level with challenging bike features. Photo by Daniel Dunn

    B-Line takes it to the next level with challenging bike features. Photo by Daniel Dunn

    some of the sweetest singletrack you’ve ridden in the mountains. Don’t push too hard though, because the brutal climb starts after you cross the North Fork Rd. The rewards are so, so sweet. Singletrack back to the car, with whoop inducing speed and curves. Enjoy!

  3. B-Line. This one is a fun addition to the “Most Difficult” list. Jumps and bermed turns is what this one’s all about, not elevation change and heart rate. But it will certainly make you think twice about catching air. A great addition to Breck’s set of trails, a skill builder for sure. Or maybe just one for your teenage son to ride. Starts at the top of Moonstone trail, and ends at Carter park.


About The Author

I’m Daniel Dunn, I’ve lived in Breckenridge for over 12 years and love playing outside. After going to film school and starting my own successful video production business, I realized that I’m most interested in creating awesome still images, and working with much smaller crews than the typical video shoot requires. I also hate editing! Why do I take pictures, what am I trying to do, what am I creating? One of the reasons is that I would like to raise awareness of the places and things in my photographs. I want to inspire people to go out and do. I want kids to ask questions like “Where is that?”, “Can we go to Timbuktu, Mom?”, “What is that little girl doing?”. I want to remind people of their past travels, of favorite places, or wonder and lust after places they’ve never been. I want people to look at my photos and dream about places they haven't been to, and at least they can take joy in knowing someone, me, who has been there, who has done that, to quote a popular phrase. I enjoy for them to be able to personalize it through me. And I also just enjoy the process of visiting new places and trying new things, of being a little bit scared sometimes, and the comfort in coming back to familiar places, and of coming home. Home can be so many places from your past lives. It’s always a joy to come home. You can always find me at www.danieldunnphoto.com Or on Twitter at @danieldunnphoto or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/danieldunnphoto

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