(Last Updated On: January 30, 2017)

UPDATED: 7/2/14

V3, one of the more recent additions to the Town of Breckenridge trail system, is a short and sweet little number that connects Carter Park trails with French Gulch trails. The glamorous side offers up buttery berms and mini rock gardens. The not-so-glamorous but very much appreciated side links two great riding areas, which means we can get a singletrack fix at lunch. This new black route (trails here are designed like ski runs, with green, blue and black ratings) made its debut during the Firecracker 50.

Check out the video below or read on for access info.

Getting There

Pick up the northern end of V3 on the B&B trail, which has a dedicated trailhead on Reiling Road in the French Gulch area of Breckenridge. Pick up the southern end along the Barney Ford Trail, which can be accessed via Carter Park and Moonstone.

When the Open Space and Trails crew designed Breckenridge’s town trail system, it was built much like a bicycle wheel, with the hub of town at the center and trails branching out like spokes in every direction. What this means for both visitors and locals is that we don’t need to drive to get on our mountain bikes. We think that’s pretty rad, and we hope you do, too.

V3: new black mountain bike trail in Breckenridge, Colo.

Mountain bikers pre-riding the Firecracker 50 course were among the first to ride V3, a black trail and Breckenridge’s newest.

Ride Idea: Short lunch loop

From Carter Park, ride the switchbacks and Moonstone uphill and continue along the Barney Ford Trail. From Barney Ford, look for a dirt road and the V3 trail merge to the left. Enjoy the new trail and turn left when it drops you on to B&B. Follow B&B to the second trail on the right, and turn here; you’ll ride through the B&B trailhead parking. Turn right on Reiling Road and left on to the X10U8 trail, which you’ll follow to the Reiling Dredge parking lot.

Cross the road again and follow the Reiling Dredge Trail to the old gold dredging boat (very cool restored piece of mining history, it’s worth a stop). Turn right onto the B&B trail and head back up V3, returning the way you started. For a fun alternate route, return via B-Line – experienced riders can try the freeride features, but I know from experience that you can skirt them all.

Check out BreckenridgeTrails.org for maps, trail conditions, volunteer days and more. Or, stop by the Welcome Center to pick up a map and get ideas on planning your next big ride.