(Last Updated On: September 4, 2014)

Meet Randy Veeneman, a 23 year fly fishing guide and family man.

Randy moved to Breckenridge with his family in 1970, where him and his brother attended Breckenridge Elementary. Before settling down in Breckenridge, Randy was on the Pro Volleyball Beach Tour from 1989-1991. He saw coast to coast as a roadie, setting up the tour. But, it was Breckenridge that was always in the back of his mind. “Breckenridge is my home, it always will be, and that’s it!” 15 years ago, Randy met his wife and they decided that Breckenridge was going to be the best place to raise their family.

Among his love for the great outdoors is his passion for fly fishing. Randy has been fishing since he was a little boy with his grandparents and father. His passion has not died down one bit. He has been a fly fishing guide for 23 years at Mountain Angler. His 2 boys have since acquired Randy’s love for fishing. Learn more about Randy, his family and his desire to continue to explore the great outdoors of Breckenridge.

His love for the mountains stretches beyond summer. Randy works on the mountain in the winter as a snowcat driver. Read his winter story here.

Breckenridge locals are full of unique character and we are here to capture those stories. We are working in collaboration with the Breckenridge Ski Resort in a series we call “Local Spotlight.” Check out other episodes in the series: meet the owner of Cuppa Joe and Olympian athlete, Keri Herman.