(Last Updated On: April 29, 2016)

UPDATED: April 11, 2016

There is an age-old expression among Breck locals. You’ve probably heard it at least once, possibly while raving to someone on a chairlift about how powder is the elixir of the Gods — “Winter is great, but summer is why we live here.”

Not understanding how anything, ANYTHING could possibly be better than plowing soundlessly down fluffy white slopes under a bluebird sky, you’re in need of some clear cut reasons as to why summer in Breck is such a blast.

 So, here you go.

1. Hiking

Going down the mountain is obviously a thrill. But defying gravity and taking in the smells of pine and wildflowers while reaching a hard-earned view? Stepping into landscapes unknown and truly exploring? Incomparable.

These are the hottest hiking trails with stunning vistas to reward you for your hard work – Mohawk Lakes, Black Powder Pass or (our local fourteener) Quandary Peak. 


2. Biking

If you think climbing a mountain is rewarding, try doing it on two wheels. Leave the motor behind, kids. You are your own engine. The downhill will be so much more delicious when your lungs are on fire. The trip up might feel like a slog, but if you think skiing or riding down a wide open slope is fun, you may find snaking down singletrack over rocks and roots just a wee-bit adrenaline pumping.

    • Beginner trail: Boreas Pass Road – it’s a dirt road with a slight, very slight gradient. Stunning views
  • Intermediate: Flume Trails – Stellar, technical singletrack, rolling terrain with a few short climbs and thrilling descents
  • Expert: Gold Hill to Peaks Trail – Climbing, descending, lots of big root and rocks obstacles
  • Downhill only: Go to Peaks 7 and 8 and let the chairlift do the climbing. Lots of trails to choose from.


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3. Scenery

OK, we love the mountains when they’re covered in white. But when there’s a blue sky for a backdrop and the foreground is filled with colorful flowers, gurgling streams or waterfalls and dark green pines – even a few patches of snow – you might find yourself doing a double … or a quadruple take.

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4. Kicking back on a deck

  You probably love doing this at home, even when the view over your afternoon cocktail is nothing more than your neighbor mowing his lawn. Guaranteed your deck time is much more enjoyable when the high elevation afternoon sun is casting a warm glow on the panorama of peaks and there is a party at every table. Here are some great happy hours/outdoor spots:


5. Not-to-miss events

Breck Bike Week

June 22-26, 2016

Night rides with headlamps are pretty standard fare for local cyclists. Try it for yourself during Breck Bike Week, when the campfire ride brings cyclists of various abilities together under the stars. It’s one of many bike-themed activities taking place throughout the week.


Fourth of July

Not only do you beat the city heat when you’re in Breck for the USA’s big day, but you get to partake in what is possibly the most unique independence parade in the country, led by a slew of mountain bikers launching into one of the most notorious competitions of the season, the Firecracker 50. Decked in red, white and blue, the town explodes in color with the Street Arts Festival. Holiday favorites include river splashing and face painting for kids, free concert at the Riverwalk Center, a patriotic orchestral performance, and then of course, fireworks.


Breckenridge International Festival of Arts

Aug. 12-21, 2016

This 10-day fest brings an eclectic lineup of performances, installations, exhibits and more. The historic buildings of the Arts District are on display with a variety of guest/visiting artists. What better time than mid-August, when summer activities are in full swing and the weather is perfect for exploring?


See the complete lineup of summer events at GoBreck.com or check out some of our favorite summer activities and après pairings.