(Last Updated On: September 20, 2014)

Interactive Marketing Manager

Are you a web marketing nerd who loves a good acronym? Do you speak SEM, GA, CTR, ER, CPC and TOS in your sleep? GoBreck, the DMO for the Town of Breckenridge (that’s TOB once you get to know us), is seeking a digital marketing professional with experience managing brands, building advertising campaigns and developing interactive platforms. The manager must:

  • Be data-driven, a problem solver, a team player and highly focused on helping organizations identify opportunities, improve user experiences and maximize advertising ROI.
  • Have experience effectively managing online marketing and content, strategies and tactics.
  • Set the standard for online presence, programs and new initiatives.
  • Take ownership of site development and projects.

The manager is responsible for delivering an online experience that is intuitive, uncomplicated, on-brand and unique to the Breckenridge visitor/user/guest. The interactive manager is expected to:

  • Work closely with marketing, special events and PR – the interactive manager must plan, design and implement a wide variety of sales, marketing and operational initiatives.
  • Understand and communicate voice and tonality of the Breckenridge brand to ensure proper online messaging and relevancy.
  • Function as an information architect, always thinking about ways to improve instinctive user experiences and increase engagements. The manager must be highly focused on identifying opportunities. Coordination with social media and blog content strategy is expected.
  • Manage the DMO’s main operations website, lodging pages, reservations and ecommerce portals/sites, as well as the DMO’s mobile apps and mobile website. This includes creating editorial content (text, photos, video) for social media channels and syndication (content, photos, video). The manager will have an engaging writing style, meticulous editing abilities and creative collaboration skills to develop content concepts and bring fresh ideas to the brand.
  • Manage email marketing initiatives to increase online visitors and revenue through website and other online campaigns, often in partnership with an outside agency.
  • Plan and implement interactive marketing campaigns and promotions that support brand positioning.
  • Deliver analysis of online campaigns and regular traffic/usage updates.
  • Develop and manage web/interactive/operations/development/support budgets within the overall marketing budget.
  • Employ SEO best practices to drive traffic to content, and understand effective user experiences in interactive products.
  • Assist in planning and execution of online efforts across various departments, including SEO, SEM display advertising and video distribution.
  • Serve as project manager to all online projects, including content and site development.
  • Serve as primary contact and project manager for all web-related vendors.
  • Serve as a primary contact for strategic digital partnerships.
  • Serve as primary administrator for the DMO’s CMS and serve as primary contact and controller for all departments.
  • Track and analyze website trends, usage, traffic sources, sales funnels and sales leads, and formulate plans to improve and optimize.
  • Train all departments on the use of the website administration tools and style guides.

Applicant must be: an Internet enthusiast who is excited about working in an organization promoting life and vacationing in Breckenridge; professional, flexible, and self-motivated; and a team player with the ability to prioritize workload, communicate effectively, troubleshoot/problem solve and handle multiple tasks. The applicant must demonstrate ability in web design, a solid understanding of web technology, protocols, and a variety of social media and blogging platforms, as well as Photoshop. Experience with Google Adwords, Google Analytics, JavaScript, MySQL, ASP and XML is a plus. Those with a penchant for clip art and Microsoft Publisher need not apply. Ability to maintain a variety of essential relationships including internal relationships, external relationships, lateral relationships and vendor partnerships is required.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree with preferred emphasis in digital marketing and/or IT
  • Three or more years of experience with digital marketing in a related field
  • Ability to develop, adjust, measure and analyze research projects and develop strategic solutions, including evaluating results and making improvements to achieve short- and long-term business goals
  • Ability to use spreadsheets to develop and track expenses and budgets. Ability to analyze business outcomes and execute timely solutions

Type: Full time, year round
Opening Date: 09/20/2012
Application Deadline: 10/20/2012
How to Apply: Please send resume to accountingmanager@gobreck.com