(Last Updated On: December 7, 2017)

Carol Saade

IMG_4752If you’re walking down Breckenridge Main Street, look around, there’s some amazing people watching. Sometimes, with a quick glance, it seems as if you can tell who lives here and who’s a visitor. As a six-year Breck resident, I started to ask myself and my friends what made someone look like a local. What makes a tourist know to stop us to ask for directions? Do we look like we know where we’re going? Or, do we look like a mountain person who just fits in with the Rocky Mountain lifestyle?

If you’re visiting but want to look the part of a Breck local, here are some tips of how to dress and where to shop to look like a local. Make sure to check out our post on the Breck lingo, too.


When I asked my friends what was an essential element of dressing for daily life in Summit County, the first thing they said was “layers!” Living at 9,600 feet, we need to be prepared for the weather changing quickly. Four seasons in a day, as they say. One minute can be sunny and hot, and five minutes later it can be windy and chilly. Grab a light sweater, technical layer or windbreaker (tiny to pack and easy to carry around) at The Mountain Goat Clothing Co (prices range around $80) where they marry function and fashion, or head to Mountain Outfitters where you can find a more technical layer that costs anywhere from $100 to $200.

And, a puffy jacket is a must in the winter. Translation: a puffy is a down-filled jacket. You might not see them on the runway at New York Fashion Week, but you will see just about every local wearing one.


I never leave my house without my sunglasses, and if I do, I realize it as soon as I step outside because I can’t open my eyes in the bright light. Being closer to the sun at almost 10,000ft, you won’t find many locals without a pair of sunglasses (and an extra pair in their car and bag, just in case). You can find a huge assortment of sunglasses at Sunlogic ranging anywhere from $10-$300.

Function Over Fashion

Despite what you might read in Vogue or see on the runways in Milan and New York, flannel is still in. So, flaunt your flannel here. In Breck, designer wear means Patagonia, Mountain Hardwear, Marmot, prAna and anything that’s designed to be burly and functional.

Often, getting dressed in the mornings is based on the activities we plan that day. Most locals look for functionality in their clothes and accessories so they can sneak in activities throughout the day. For women – A cute pair of leggings can also double as running or yoga pants. Comfy shoes are a must for walking and hiking in the mountains. Columbia and Vertical Runner carry a great selection of athletic shoes ($60-200), and Goods carries both stylish brands and more casual shoes ($50-150).

Of course, boots are a must-have essential for the winter months – and for fall and spring, too. Ladies – leave the heels at home. Unless you’re attending a wedding, there’s no need for heels. The dress code is casual around town even at the most upscale restaurants.

IMG_0733Local Brands

Breck locals are proud of where we live and are always looking to support and give shout outs to hardworking community members. Shop local. Wear local. Look local. Grab a T-shirt for around $20 from a local brewery (Broken Compass Brewery or Breckenridge Brewery) or any other local shop/business you like and support. Most woman I know own at least a pair of Wild Balance earrings, locally made lightweight, colorful earrings that go great with a cute summer dress or your muddy bike clothes. You can find a pair in the Breckenridge Arts District or at local shops.

Finally, adopt a local mindset of loving this town, being awesome to each other and ready for the next adventure.

Before you know it you’ll be stopped on Main Street or Adams and asked for directions to Hearthstone.