(Last Updated On: September 20, 2014)
Ashley Dickson, editor

Ashley Dickson

Ashley Dickson moved to Breckenridge with lofty dreams of pursuing a journalism career at high altitude and now, some five years later, she has solidified her status as a mountain media triple threat.  After graduating from the University of Denver, a reporting gig with the local newspaper brought her to Summit County and now Ashley can be seen on TV8 Summit , heard on LIFT106 and read right here on The Breck Connection.

Originally from the east coast, Ashley grew up skiing ice hard snow at Wachusett Mountain in Massachusetts and now enjoys lapping her secret powder stash off the T-bar  whenever she isn’t chained to her laptop.

Aside from being a lover of all things snow, Ashley decided to make Breckenridge her permanent home for the amazing summer season. An avid backpacker and camp chef extraordinaire, she is constantly on the hunt for the next great adventure  and is usually willing to go far off the beaten path to find it.

Check out a few of Ashley’s recent posts below, or see all of them here.

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