(Last Updated On: September 28, 2014)

Breckenridge is one dog-friendly town. From streams and trails to run through, to dog parks, dog friendly boutiques, dog competitions and more, Breck truly is a pups paradise. Instead of just telling you what there is to love about this “pup paradise,” we caught up with Charlie Granite Seitz, a Breckenridge mountain mutt living life to the fullest.

Here’s what Charlie the Dog had to say:

Charlie loves to run on the trails around Breckenridge. It is the perfect way to release some energy.

Charlie loves to run on the trails around Breckenridge. It is the perfect way to release some energy.

My name is Charlie, a true mountain dog, and here is my story and some of my favorite spots in Breckenridge…What can I say, I love my Breck life! In the summer I love trail running, camping, swimming in the Blue River, and participating in the local running races. Not to brag, but I am a two-time champion at the Summit Laps 4k Race in Frisco, and I love competing in the GoPro Mountain Games. This past winter, one of my favorite thing to do was follow my owner while she skins up Mt. Baldy and snowshoe the trails, especially Baker’s Tank and Sally Barber. I have been capturing all of my adventures through my very own Instagram account.

My favorite summer activity:

My Favorite summer activity is trail running and hiking. There are over a 100 miles of different trails to explore around Breckenridge. For an adventurous mutt, it keeps me busy all summer long!

My favorite hike:

Mohawk Lakes- I get to cool off at the top of the hike in the lakes…my reward!  It offers good views of the valley and there are lots of spots to cool off in the stream next to the trail on warm summer days. I like to go at the beginning of the summer when it is less crowded, and sometimes there’s still some snow to roll around in.

Charlie loves to swim, and the rivers around Breckenridge are the perfect spot to cool off.

Charlie loves to swim, and the rivers around Breckenridge are the perfect spot to cool off.

Favorite place to fetch a stick:

Along the Blue River off Airport Road- This is a great place because there is a foot  path on the opposite side of the river from the bike path, so bike traffic isn’t heavy. There are also multiple pools to choose from that allow for swimming and playing, as long as no one is fishing in them! They are big enough so I can get plenty of swimming in!

Favorite place to hunt squirrels:

Sally Barber Trail-  There are so many trees on both sides of the path. It is a nice wide trail and relatively flat, so I get a good view of the squirrels crossing from one side of the woods to the next. If you keep hiking up the hill, there’s a nice place to grab some water and cool off in a stream. As long as I listen to my parents, I get to be off-leash.

Best photo opportunity/view:

We have to admit, Charlie is a pretty photogenic dog.

We have to admit, Charlie is a pretty photogenic dog.

Juanita Trail – There are so many beautiful views in Breckenridge, but I like this spot best because you can get the whole ski hill in the background. It isn’t a very busy trail, and this section isn’t too steep so it’s good for a nice relaxing picturesque walk.

Favorite place to catch the autumn colors:

Boreas road and French Gulch- I like Boreas because it’s an easy walk and the road is lined with aspen changing colors. Plus you get beautiful views of Breckenridge and Blue River.  The French gulch trail is a good trail that also has a lot of trees on both sides. The trees are a bit more up close and personal, so I can get a great picture with a tree at my level.  It has a lot of history with the old mines, which makes a great backdrop against the changing colors.

More Dog Favorites:

Favorite fun-run: The Halloween fun run at Vertical Runner – they have a special costume category for dogs!

Favorite nonprofit group: Summit LAPS

Favorite rock to pee on: One on the river-walk behind Clint’s

Favorite annual tradition: Getting my very own ski pass with my picture on it -I love that the money goes to our local shelter

Well, those are my top 10 favorite things to do in Breckenridge. Like I said before, I am a mountain dog, living my life to the fullest. Some of my dog friends around Breckenridge are good at finding adventure too. Check out their adventures from last summer here.

Charlie Update:

Squirrel hunting, hiking, swimming...you can do it all with your dog in Breckenridge.

Squirrel hunting, hiking, swimming…you can do it all with your dog in Breckenridge.

Last July, Charlie’s owners found some bumps in his jaw. After a vet visit, Charlie was diagnosed with cancer. They were told he didn’t have long to live, so at the age of 4, Charlie started chemo. After 3 treatments, he went into full remission and undeterred by his weekly trips to Denver for treatment, Charlie was always up for a hike or a run.  “Enjoying the outdoors together lifted both our spirits,” said Karen Seitz, Charlie’s owner. Even with his terminal diagnosis, Charlie continues to live his life to the fullest. “He is a courageous, inspirational dog that wakes up happy each morning waiting for his next adventure.”

There are plenty of places around Breckenridge to enjoy some quality time with your pup; lodging, dog friendly shops (and human shops that have dog treats), patios or the dog park to name a few.  Show your support for Charlie and follow him on all of his doggy adventures this summer @charliemountainmutt.