(Last Updated On: February 8, 2015)

USA-Alaska“Cabin Fever: The Mad Trapper and the River”

Captain: Pete Lucchetti

Members: Ken Graham, Philip Clark, Michael Yee

In the winter of 1931-32, people across North America were fixed to their radios as they listened a live-broadcast manhunt. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (mounties) were tracking “The Mad Trapper of Rat River.” During the Great Depression a trapper named Albert Johnson built a cabin in northern Canada. Two mounties trekked 60 miles by dog sled to question Johnson, accused of tampering with native trap lines. The mounties got no response. They headed back to Aklavik for a warrant. After having dispatched two more patrols, and with several officers wounded, the Mounties finally caught up to Johnson, ending the manhunt for the “Mad Trapper of Rat River.”

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