With a three-year-old getting into everything, making soap in your home can be challenging. So the desire for safe soap for everyone in your family, even babies and sensitive skin, is a strong one. Breckenridge Soap Co. was based on those needs and wants. It can be found all over town, many vacation rentals and here

Breckenridge is home to many locally produced goods. You can do all your holiday (or birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, get well, and, well you get the idea) shopping right here in town. Breckenridge artists, craftsmen, woodworkers and skateboard entrepreneurs have made their mark on the town, and that makes for a rich shopping experience.

Walk up and down Main Street in Breckenridge during your stay, and stroll through the stores on and off of Main Street. Many very cool people are hard at work, creating incredible works of art and using their passion to help you find yours. Get out, enjoy the sun and grab a tasty snack, and do some shopping. The folks receiving these unique gifts will remember you every year and most likely return the favor. (Uh-oh, now you’ve started a trend — outdo last year’s gift — this could get interesting, right?)

Fat-ypus pretty much started the super-fat ski revolution, right here in Breckenridge. Even in low snow years, this company still offers something for everyone. Found at AMR Ski & Board, in City Market plaza, this D-Sender can do it all on any mountain. Get Fat-ypus Here!

The Lucky U IPA, at 6% ABV, is perfect for those hot summer days. Visit Breck Brew Pub for more summer favorites.

The Lucky U IPA, at 6% ABV, is perfect for those hot summer days. Visit Breck Brew Pub for more summer favorites.

The Beehive Miracle Massage Bar is a fantastic lotion bar, melting into your hands at body temperature and becoming a lotion, which is great for all sorts of working hands. It”s specially made for the dry and windy conditions here in the mountains. Beehive Miracle Massage Bar

For the skateboarder in your life, Grip Gum is so simple, and so useful, it’s almost too good to be real or true. It works! Get some. Jason, the owner and a serial entrepreneur, saw a need and filled it quickly and simply.  Purchase it at the Big Hit, next to Giampietro’s Pizzeria. Original Grip Gum website

Making jewelry is hard work. Creating custom, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind jewelry is a work of art. Annie Kerr, owner of The Wild Balance, does all this, with a smile. She wants to inspire women to embrace the adventurous and unique side of their style. You can find it pretty much all over town. Wonderful Custom Jewelry

Sam Simonds, Breckenridgeis  patroller, Mountain Wave employee extraordinaire, and RMU zealot. Here he holds the CRM, a true all-mountain and workhorse ski for various terrain at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Charge the whole mountain with this ski. http://www.rockymountainunderground.com

Toosies Gluten Free, available at the super-cute Bond Cafe, are delectable gluten free baking mixes for all your holiday baking needs. Family times revolve around the kitchen, so make sure all your guests can enjoy the love coming from the oven. Toosies Gluten Free

Summit Soaps are specially formulated to protect and moisturize skin exposed to harsh mountain environments. “Go Green and Stay Clean” and “Save Water, Shower with a Friend” are two slogans that portray this local company”s playful side. Summit Soap Co website here

Being all-natural, non-toxic, allergy friendly, low-soot producing, candles, Breckenridge Candle Cabin produces cute candles that are  health friendly. Plus, who doesn’t love the warm glow of soft candles around the holidays? Find your candles here!

Hand-dipped in wax to protect it from heat, cold, dirt, and who knows what else, the Backpackers Chocolate found at the Locals Market on Breckenridge”s Main Street can stand up to what you do while playing in the mountains, and still be oh, so gourmet! Try the yummy dark chocolate. (970) 453-3091

The Fresh Soap Company has one of the more friendly owners and charming shops around, as well as Zulu, the shop”s mascot puppy. The company creates custom soaps, using sea salts, honey, even beer! Yes! Let Kim guide you through a very pleasant holiday shopping experience in her store. You can find it in Town Square Mall, on Main Street, across from the Gold Pan. Fresh Soap Company



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